Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So Much

We have had rain every day and it is starting to take it's toll on some areas. People are losing their homes, cars to flood waters. Roads have been completely washed out. And of course the fools who think they can drive through the flooded washes. Rescuers had to get them out and huge fines and tickets passed out.

Tonight when I let Fred out there was lots of cars in the street and no one could get in out. That's when I noticed the Sheriffs SUVs oh boy what now. As I went back in the house the phone rang and it was my friend Barb telling me what it was about. Unfortunately for us we have a Child Molester living just 4 houses away from me. We were told there was nothing we could do to get rid of him. Well now maybe we won't have to worry about it. Some neighbors watching the new saw this man on a tape from the store were he exposed himself to a 14 yr old girl. They quickly called the Sheriff to ID him and the game was on. This is the second time he was arrested here and once in WI were he did some time for his crime of actually touching a couple of little girls. Why is he not in prison? Pot smokers do more time than a Child Molester? The last time some neighbors bailed him out because they refused to believe he did this since he now belongs to their church. When are people going to realize church is just a cover up for these creeps. If they bail him out again the rest of this neighborhood will not receive them well anymore.

On a little better note, we had some cooler temps today. The humidity was still high but at least just fans did a great job for most of the day. I actually got lots done around my house today too. I even swept down the porch. 

I noticed I have not been drinking much coffee anymore. I used to drink lots of coffee now I rarely finish one cup. So I cleaned up the 5 cup pot and brought in the one cup pot from the shed. I have gone form a 12 cp, 10 cp. 5 cp and now 1. Lets see if that is enough.

Good Night All


  1. I welcome the monsoon rains, but please don't mess with my patio cover! The wind and rain combo yesterday, did a number on it. Hope your neighborhood situation calms down and guy is put away somewhere else. Sun is coming up and revealing some pretty dark clouds to the east, guess time to get ready for some more rains today.

  2. In my younger days people always saw me with a coffee in my hand but now only for breakfast. Without that one cup I drag through the day. I used to drink approximately 40 cups of coffee a day. If I couldn't sleep I'd have a coffee just to relax. Now if I have a second cup in a day I'm awake most of the night.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hi Emily,
    We had more rain in the very early hour of morning. Not looking all that good for a chance of sun today. We are hoping to be rid of this creep for good now.

    Hi Rick,
    I see how little this one cupper makes and I had to add more water to it. haha already worring about not getting enough. Maybe if I use the cup that came with it I wil be more comfortable.

  4. I saw Phoenix on the news SO hope you don't get any of that! Here is slightly cooler as some storms are moving through. I have been drinking a lot of iced coffee to beat the heat probably not the best thing to do!

  5. When the storms hit they really hit hard. And those idiots who drive into the water deserve every fine they get. Saw Tuscon on the news and things looked really bad. Stay safe. I've never drank (drunk?) coffee. And about 40 years ago I gave up caffeine all together.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Phoenix really got hit hard, we did to in some areas and a medical emergency turned almost bad as the EMT couldn't get threw the flooded area. A helicopter had to be called. Lots of roads washed out. On this end not to bad but I hadn't ventured very far. Ice coffee is OK but water is much better. Lemon cucumber water is so good and it really satisfies the thirst.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes they have been tough this week but hey say they are going to slow down now but the heat will be back into the triple digits. Fun I was worried about the smaller cup and then not being enough well I didn't even finish that small cup