Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Few New Happenings

We have had little rain these past 2 days, but still humid. For a couple more days we will have clouds but maybe no rain. But  by Sunday it will be clear and sunny and back into triple digits oh yippee.

It cleared up enough for Barb, Lois and I to head out to lunch. I can't really say it is a new place but I had never been there before. Even though I knew about the place and had passed it many times I had never gone there. Its west of us and at a small private Air Port. Of course I didn't bring my camera and I am so angry about that. What great pictures I could have gotten. Beautiful clouds and little light planes taxing passed the window.  They do served breakfast but Tracy would have to get here around 7:30 so we can get there by 8 am the waitress said it is very busy for breakfast on Sunday.

I couldn't believe the developments that have gone up out there in the past few years. They had to do extensive work on washes since that area had always flooded so bad before. There were only a few mobile homes out that way and they had been far and few in between. We only encountered one wash and it really wasn't flowing very much.

Today I had 5 great grand kids start kindergarten. My where has the time gone? They all did great and they loved going to the big kids school. One of the boys even celebrated his 5 Th birthday today. So for the first day of school his class mates had cup cakes. I believe they all go to the same school. Wonder how that will work and home many kindergarten classes they have. 

I did some grocery shopping today and did pretty good. But tomorrow I really need to go to the big store for things they don't have the smaller Walmart

Good Night All


  1. It's good the flooding has stopped but triple digits not so much.

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  3. Hi Sandie,

    Yes we haven't had much more than a few sprinkle in the last 2 days and will have a drying out until the end of next week.

  4. I don't have great grandkids yet and it will probably be a while, but I sure do enjoy my grandkids.

  5. Glad the crazy rains have subsided for you. We have had rain everyday so off went the drip system and the plants are looking so happy.

  6. Hope the cooler dryer weather sticks around for a while...Im delayed a bit but hoping to get on with my trip soon..

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    They are growing way to fast but they are just so cute.

    Hi JMD,

    We had a good thunder storm and hard rain late this afternoon but they claim it will be over for a few days. We shall see. I don't mind as long as I'm home or close by.

    Hi Sondra,

    By Sunday the cooler temps will be history and triple digit back. Hope you get on the road soon. Looking forward to the trip