Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

I want to Thank All Past and Present Service Women and Men for your service to our Country.

Yesterday my daughter and I changed up our Sunday breakfast to a lunch at a place called Fire House Subs, it was very good and the sandwich was loaded. We ordered the wrong size so took half with us.

We then decided to go to Burlington Outlet.

On the way we decided to try the Hwy since it would only be one exit away. What a big mistake that was. We new that there was going to be construction at that exit as they are building new on and off ramps. What we didn't know was that lots of crazy people would be out on the road doing some really insane driving. I had a clear lane to pull into. This crazy fool pulled out of the left lane and dam near slammed right into me. I was lucky enough to get back over and onto the shoulder of the road. This maniac then flew by and went back into the left lane causing the car in that lane to slam on his breaks in order to not crash into this fool. I was so happy to get off that dam road you have no idea.

But we had a great time walking around the store. My daughter has lost a great deal of weight so she has been needing new clothes. I am so proud of her and she looks so good.  Tracy picked up a cute sun dress and to tops. I bought a mat for the front door, glass storage jars and treats for Fred. 

The heat started to pick up and the humidity so we called it a day. And no I did not take the Hwy.

Today I will stay put here at home as I have plenty to keep me occupied and we will be back into the triple digits again. Right now it is really nice and I have the windows open and running fans to clear out the old air and get some fresh circulating in here.

Have a safe holiday and watch out for those who drink to much or are just plain crazy.


  1. I think your crazy lane changer learned to drive in California. I see them weaving in and out, across three lanes of traffic, to just get one car up. I shouldn't pick on California drivers as they are probably the same everywhere, but they make me crazy.

  2. It is scary stuff on the roads. PS Gypsy, the drivers in Oregon trained in Calif. I am certain. I have seen them pass in the center median, on both left and right shoulders of freeways. UGH!

  3. Its not just in cities it happens here in our town too which has overgrown its britches!
    We are doing NADA may cut and slice a WATERMELON and that will be it, my son had to work today! :o/

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I wouln't be surprised it these jerks were high on something and shouldn't have been driving period. I'm just happy I didn't over react and flip the truck.

    Hi JMD,

    Yes I have seen this kind of driving too. Why are people in such a hurry to go nowhere.

    Hi Sondra,

    This town has over grown itself too since I first moved here I don't like big towns. Oh well they call it progress, I call it madness.
    I didn't do anything today either. Started on a new crochet project and broiled in my toaster overn a little 3 oz steak with some corn, I was happy.