Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Part 2 of Sunday

First, I didn't post yesterday as I had gotten very sick right after I post Sunday. My daughter also was very sick. We thought maybe we had gotten food poisoning. By Monday it was just awful. Every joint in my body hurt and of course all the bodily fluids that left the body. But then my grandson also came down with this and he didn't eat with us. So we tried to figure out what maybe happened at the party on Saturday, did the salads spoil? Not that either Anthony didn't eat any. So it had to be some kind of really nasty bug. This morning I was feeling better but still leery about eating. I managed to have a cup of coffee (smaller than usual) then after a bit I had a breakfast bar, that did make me a little queasy but nothing to bad. Of course maybe some crackers or toast would have been better but I didn't have either. Around noon I figured I better go pick some crackers and bread up. I can freeze the bread and just use it as needed and it's good to keep crackers in the house. So I feel so much better and so does everyone else.

Now for the International Wildlife Museum

 I wish they would have used a different color back ground for this, it is so beautiful. My daughter was holding her stomach in this picture, I don't think she wanted to tell me she was already not feeling well.

There are to many picture to put up all in one blog so tomorrow I will post more. 

If you come to Tucson I highly recommend this place. It is one of the cheapest atractions in town and more than worth the price. We paid $9. the lady did say it was going up but she didn't say how much and I didn't think to ask.

Good Night All


  1. Beautiful animals and birds - really well done. I hope you are feeling completely better by now.

  2. Sad to hear about your health condition. Take care. Animals seen in the museum looks like real one.

  3. Oh Boy glad it was only one day sickness!! I do adore a mammoth...such majestic animals!

  4. Hi Gypsy,
    Thank you I am feeling completely better. That was no fun.

    Hi Weekend,

    Thank you I am much better. The animals are real well at least alive at one time.

    Hi Sondra,
    Thank you and me too that was just nasty and don't remember when I had been that sick in long time. Wish I knew where we all caught this thing and how strange we all got it on the same day. I have another picture of the wooly guy, I'll post it later on tonight

  5. Oh, don't you just hate it when you feel so sick you're afraid you're not going to die? Glad it was a 24 hour bug. I've had food poisoning several times in my life. Once, we had chicken on my sister-in-law's grill. I was the only one who got sick. I had a doctor tell me that sometimes just a small part of a piece of meat or any food is tainted.

    Glad you're well enough to post all the beautiful pictures from the wildlife museum. Staywell.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I still am not sure about what it was but sure glad it's gone. It could have been from the grill. Thanks for your kind words.

  7. So sorry you got sick but very glad you are feeling better.