Thursday, September 1, 2016

Last Pictures From Sunday

The weather has changed again. Hot and humid once again we had a little rain last night but not much.

Did a quick run to the store today but really need to go do a bigger shopping tomorrow which is going to be tough since it is  the holiday weekend. So I better get out there really early and get it done.

I cleaned the yard yesterday and moved a few things around the house. My daughter is looking for a small house to rent so I guess until that happens the chair will sit in my living room. 

Been crocheting little hats again getting ready for the Christmas donations. I am trying to decide if I want to buy more yarn to make the blanket a bit longer, it is OK for a throw but I like them to be at least body length and this one is kind of short. I'll make up my mind when I get to Walmart. I also want to buy some material I saw there that almost matches my chair. I want to make arm covers since the chair is very light in color.

Here are the last of the pictures

 My photo bomber

 I wish they would have had something to tell you what this was made of it is so beautiful

Good Night All


  1. Beautiful photos today! I should have learned to knit or crochet when I was young, and maybe I'd have something to keep me busy today.

  2. Hi Gypsy,
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I hadn't done much this year and I knew it was time to get back into it when this heat hit and no outdoors was going to happen here. I does keep my hands and mind busy. Even learned a new stitch by watching it online.