Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hurricane Us?

This hurricane off of Mexico will be heading our way by tomorrow. The reports vary. Some say lots of rain others think it will be lite and pretty much over. But some folks are getting sand bags as the big rain a few weeks ago ran into there homes and left 4 inches of water to clean up. So they are taking precautions for this. They say most of the rain will be Southeast but Tucson was right there in the thick of it. It has been cloudy all day and late afternoon we had a good down pour. It only lasted a few min. 

I finally got around to making the arm rest covers for the new chair today. Not to shabby for doing it all by hand. And it looks so much nicer than the place mats I was using.

Made a new recipe today and it came out really good. So I would like to get to the store tomorrow before the rain comes to pick up a few veggies that they didn't have at the .99 store  to make it again but with mushrooms, and some other things on the list. If not not a big deal.

I also was going to try and put the cot in the truck to see if it will fit now that the battery is there. But the humidity was so high right off the bat this morning so I wasn't about to go out there. Maybe next week it will cool down enough to get that done.

Good Night All


  1. Saw the hurricane last night on the news. Hopefully it won't hit your area too hard.

  2. Saw the hurricane last night on the news. Hopefully it won't hit your area too hard.

  3. HI Sandie,

    It started raining during the night and has just been a steady rain not real hard but a enough to cause a problem if it keeps going.

  4. No rain here, plenty of grey skies. Hoping for the best for all of you more southern. Be sure and let me know.

  5. Jo, I heard they are bracing for some bad flooding in Silver City, NM and anywhere south of I40 is getting an inch of rain per hour. Stay dry. Glad I'm not down that way any more.

  6. Stay dry....stay safe, we'll see you again as the weather passes!

  7. Hi Jane,
    I measured 1 1/4 " of rain in my little rain catcher. It had been steaday all night until about noon. But it wasn't heavy down pouring so we did fine on this sided. It started again about 4 but it was really light. No big winds or anything like they predicted.

    Hi Nancy,

    I don't know how bad they got it but I think it pretty much died out early in the game.

    Hi Karen,

    I'm good at least I used the time and cooler temps to really do some good cleaning.

  8. Funny but I never think of Hurricanes in AZ. Me from NJ and hubby from Louisiana, yep...used to hurricanes. But AZ???

  9. Hi Phyllis,

    I know but it sure wasn't anything like they forecasted. But we did get lots of rain.