Sunday, October 30, 2016


I thought I was never going to get well. But finally this week I started to feel better each day. 

The weather has gotten strange, the mornings are delightful and then it warms up to mid 90's but feels very humid again. The humidity makes breathing difficult and I don't care much for that at all.

But today my daughter Tracy and I went out for breakfast and then to a few stores. We stopped at Sally's Supply for Tracy to pick up something to use for Halloween and found a cheap pony tail that was a dollar but half off can't beat that. I asked about something I can use to repair the ridges  I have on my finger nails and yes they do have something. I think this may be caused by a lack of vitamin D but not sure. 

The we hit up the Dollar Tree for a few items. I picked up a very small cheese grater and Tracy picked up a few more things for her costume.

Next stop was Lowe's for a portable door screen and a light switch for the bathroom. Of course we had to look at all the Christmas stuff but I'm just not into it. I need to measure the door frame and just buy the door and hang it myself as to get it installed was more expensive than the door, if this portable thing doesn't work. Fred loves it as he can go in and out by himself. Of course once the heat of the day sets in the door gets closed and the A/C comes on.

So it was a nice busy day for us with lots of walking around but man was it hot in Lowe's even the sales guy was complaining. Maybe they figured since they had all the Christmas stuff out you should feel cool.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend


  1. Sure glad to hear you're feeling better. I am definitely ready for some cooler weather anytime now.

  2. Sure glad to hear you're feeling better. I am definitely ready for some cooler weather anytime now.

  3. Hi Sandie,
    Me too I want to do more outdoor activities. So tired of being house bound because of the heat.

  4. In my neck of the woods we can garden in the fall)carrots, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, collards, kale, but try finding any seeds, or falls sets to plant! It's all made in China Christmas crapiolla invading the garden centers of the retailers here. Sure can't eat shiny glass balls!! Glad you are feeling better, hope the screen works out for you.

  5. My gosh you have had a time of it with your illness. I'' sorry, Jo, but it sounds as though you are on the mend. Jack and Fred would have gotten along, well. It was the freedom to be outside all day with me that he so loved. Hope you are completely well by the time I get to blog reading, again. Nancy

  6. Hi Sondra,

    You can garden here to but it would take lots of work since the ground is pretty much rock. So boxes would need to be built and I'm not a carpenter. I can't even get anyone to build my steps. I know about this Christmas stuff it is just insane.

    Hi Nancy,

    I am all better thank heavens thought I would never get rid of that mess. Fred is loving this new screen door he can get out and back in now on his own, little rascal

  7. I has been hot even here near Calvert City, KY! Most days are just mild but I wasn't expecting the hot ones. Soon as I get my new glasses made I'll be on my way again. Appointment on Monday, the 7th

  8. Hi Sunny,
    The weather here has been really nice these past few days. Heavy clouds but very nice mid 70's I'm loving it. Be safe will be waiting to see you.