Monday, November 7, 2016

Spinning Wheels

The weather has been absolutely beautiful nice cold mornings. The only problem is the darkness now and feeling so comfy and warm under the blankets. So I am getting up later now.

Haven't had to use the a/c much so that is a blessing with the lower bills since the holidays are coming up.

Thanksgiving will be at my place and I like that. Another grandson and his girl will be joining us this year.

After breakfast on Sunday, Tracy, and I, went to Lowe's so I could buy the new screen door. It sure didn't match my measurements but the guy thought I must have measured it wrong. Nope I didn't and now the door needs to be returned as it is way to big and the next size would be way to small. 

The guys showed up today and put the new stairs in off the back of the porch. What a relief so much easier to get down and up now. Fred needed a little coaxing at first but it didn't take long for him to get the idea they were not so high even though there are more of them. Then the guys tried to figure out how to make the old door work. It's back up but still isn't right. Between their stash of screws and mine we just didn't have the right ones. So for now it's up it doesn't close right but we will get better screws and possibly new hinges. Yes spinning wheels with this door thing. But they did load up the new in my truck so I can take it back.

Good Night All


  1. Why is it that it always seems to take 3 trys to get a project finished?? Hope they give you the right door next time

  2. I don't have a single door that fits well in my mobile home. I think it definitely needs to be leveled.

  3. It
    s very hard when dealing with a metal or plastic door...if nothing else get a wood door and you can trim it down where it needs to be.
    Glad you got your steps fixed up, makes life easier!

  4. Hi Sunny,
    Since this is a manufactured home doors are never right and very hard to buy in a box store. So annoying.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes see about leveling your place. They said mine was so off that the house was not sitting on some of the piers. I never new how important it was to level these places.

    Hi Sondra,

    I may have to have a wooden one made unless it costs as much as the metal. But yes so happy at least the steps are finally done and so is Fred.