Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's Finished Finally

Been a busy week and I am not finished running around yet. But it sure feels good to be able to do so much. 

Today I will head down town to finish up another item on my list. While the weather is still in the 90's it is much better than the suffocating triple digits and high humidity.

When I finally got to sit in the evenings I worked on the blanket that was supposed to be a scarf. I loved the stitch so much I just kept going. It is now finally finished.

Of course you can see Fred's bone on the floor. The dark stripe is a deep purple

Wishing everyone a wonderful day


  1. That is a really beautiful stitch! Your work is excellent.

  2. Your blanket is lovely and what is the stitch called? Really like it! Woo hoo for you.

  3. What a beautiful blanket. That will come in handy on a cold winter he day – – nice to wrap yourself in. – Nancy

  4. IT's gorgeous! You do fantastic needle work! Hopefully you won't see anymore triple digits this year as Winter approaches! I have lots of big projects in mind while the weather is cool outdoors.

  5. Picking up new laptop tomorrow been off for days 😢

  6. That is beautiful. I'm also curious about what stitch you used. I'm a crochet nut and am thinking about making a new afghan this winter. In Iowa warm blankets are a necessity. :)