Monday, October 10, 2016

Great Food

The weather has been up and down temperature wise and humidity.
We had a few storms blow in and blow back out just as fast. So some days were spent staying home. Of course more time has been spent going out and doing things when the humidity is down. 

Sunday as always my daughter Tracy and I went to breakfast. We headed for the Casino Del Sol as that is where the good breakfast place was. But holy cow was it expensive and if I had known that we would have left. But yes the food was great. It was a buffet and they had all meal types to choose from. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I had a few things from the breakfast but not much since I spotted the king crab. I have been wanting crab forever. I put a few legs and claws on my plate and some shrimp. Talk about heaven. But it was hard to eat the crab since I was in a restaurant and couldn't get down and dirty with it like I did in my own home oh so many years ago when I lived in NJ, of course those weren't king crab but I loved them and usually you caught your own or someone else did and brought them over.

I did take a picture with my phone but couldn't download them but Tracy took one after 

All gone no more haha. I had been putting the shells on another plate but the server took it away so I had to use the plate I was eating from

The desserts were beautiful but I only tasted the long ones and only the one on the lower left was tasty.
I did have a half piece of cheese cake that almost tasted exactly like my moms.

Then off we went to what they called and Art Show, there wasn't much and most of the vendors are the ones that are always at all the Craft Shows. Tracy spotted a really pretty dragon fly at the leaded glass table. She said I think the marble is cracked I thought maybe it was just a darker line in the middle and we held it up to the sun, it was cracked and the couple manning the table gave it to her as they said the couldn't sell it like that. She was so excited to have it. Made the couple so happy too.
No other money was spent that day.

Today Rose and I went to a couple health food and vitamin stores looking for glycerin soup and no one sold it. So I guess it will be a trip to the east side of town to the Natural Grocery's where I have been buying it. I sure wish that store wasn't so far away. But oh well.

The only money spent today was for lunch. I'm getting pretty good at this not buying anything. We even wandered through Kirkland's.

I had also taken care of some legal business today  I forgot today was a holiday or more would have been done. So I guess that will be a trip for another day this week. 

It just feels good to be getting out and about even if it is somber tasks. But it all needs to get done sooner than later or not getting it done and then there will be problems.


  1. I love crab, but it's more messy to eat than I want to deal with. We used to go to some of the crab shacks along the MD shore and I was miserable with it. If I go out to eat, which rarely happens, I don't want to work for my food. Those desserts look so tasty!

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it is quite a lot of work and I'm glad my stomach wasn't bigger than my eyes. I only took one claw and 2 legs. And what a mess

  3. Morning Jo, sometimes mundane tasks are what keep us grounded and in sync, the deserts look divine!! It's been kinda crazy here but now the hurricane is GONE finally and so normal life continues...normal is way better trust me! Since we had no electric we spent most of our time out picking up the tree debris, not all but a large portion of it is now at the dump where many were getting stuck in the mud!