Monday, October 3, 2016

Lots Of Rain

We had some real gushers over the weekend. But seemed to dodge them all pretty good.

Saturday my grandson called and more for a tease than anything to go to a reptile show with them. Well of course I passed on that one. But I guess I missed out on some fun. 

But he later called again and wanted me to meet them at Chili's for lunch. So off I went. We had a great time while we all kept an eye on the sky. I had a great grilled chicken salad. And was amazed to see my great grandson down his broccoli. Arriana of course has no issues with food either. It was just so much fun.

Yesterday morning is always breakfast with my daughter Tracy. We wanted to go somewhere different but on or near our side of town as the sky was full of heavy rain clouds. We tried one of the Casinos and we couldn't find a restaurant and smell of cigs was just awful. 

back out to the truck and boy the  clouds looked bad. So we opted to go to TTT Truck Stop. The food there is always the best. But while eating and watching the sky once again it was fast moving in our direction. And then it hit. So we just took our time eating and catching up on the weeks advents or what ever else popped into out heads. 

My screen door has been broken for awhile and it finally just fell apart. So my daughter and I got it down the rest of the way but what a battle. Who ever hung it used nuts and bolts and those bolts were in a place I have no idea how they got them in there. We sure had a heck of a time getting hold of them even with the smallest nose pliers. I will hang one of those screen doors that uses a tension rod which I will buy today.

Have a Good Day


  1. I have never been to a reptile show although I think I might enjoy it. I used to think they were slithery ugly creatures, but have changed my mind over the years. I prefer the non-poisonous ones of course, but they have their place in the ecology.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    They had lots of other reptiles I never gave a thought of, alegators, huge lizards etc. I have never liked snakes and I doubt I ever will.

  3. Hope you got that screen door fixed up...projects are never easy!! Truck stops usually do a good breakfast! I have of course returned home and am back to my chores of fix's and improvements!! I however have not take any photos! My sister rented a beach house for us for the weekend NOW Hurricane Matthew is possibly going to go that way so I dunnnnnooooo how that will pan out! Wait and see I guess.

  4. Hi Sondra,
    No the door isn't fixed yet. And the screen curtain didn't work at all. I meant to go buy a new one but never got to it as I did grocery shopping then lots of dicing and chopping to make a huge pot of veggie soup. It turned out really well and now I have to put it in serving sized bowls. Hope you get to go to the beach

    1. SO far our Beach trip is on hold! Hurricane Matthew can't decide where he wants to now we are just in limbo waiting! I don't mind waiting just hope he goes away the sooner the better!