Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Wonderful Christmas

My daughter Tracy and her 2 kids  Anthony and Aliya showed up around 3:30  pm to get the stuffed shells in the oven. 

Eric and Christian weren't sure they would come since Eric is having kidney stone problems. So young to have this problem. The last we heard they had gone to the ER. 

After the Shells were done we popped the ham into the oven. We started to eat when Christian sent a text they were on there way. Oops. No biggie we just set up places for them at the table and we sat and talked while they ate. We don't have a problem with this group like the rest of them who would have been insulted. Eric was feeling no pain at this point and we had fun. 

Lots of laughter and good times. Later Anthony's ex finally showed up with the his kids and more fun was happening. They are so adorable and little Arriana is Daddy's little girl. Poor little Anthony had a fat lip as he tried to pick something up off the floor by reaching it from the bed. Yep he flopped right on his face. I don't know who's house they were at. But kids are tough and we just gave him some ice to put on it and he was fine.

Soon everyone was getting ready to go and left overs were distributed and all pies left my house. The eggnog pie seemed to be a delight I only had a fork full and left the table to get  something. So I never got to finish it as someone cleaned off the table and it was thrown away. But that's fine I didn't need it and I was quite full already even though I really didn't eat much. Pasta is very filling.

Anthony fixed the floor vent in my room that I tripped on. Did a great job too.  Thank you again for a job well done.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and love filled day.

Maybe in the next blog post I can figure out how to post some pictures. Have I mentioned how much I hate Windows 10?


  1. Glad to read you Enjoyed Christmas with your family and that you won't be taking any more Trips.
    Windows 10 was a little different but not really that bad. Hang in there you'll like it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You had a great day. Glad the kidney stones weren't the problem they could have been.

    I'm beginning to dislike everything on the internet, which is constantly changing. At least Solitaire & Mahjongg stay the same (maybe I shouldn't say that out loud!)

  3. I love pasta! Sounds like you had a great time! My sister tried to load me up with left overs to bring home...but I said NO WAY! I don't need it. So glad I stood my ground!

  4. Hi Rick n Kathy,

    It's the photo set up they have changed and it really isn't easy to get around at all. I may have to buy the little box and down load the pictures there. I have lots of pictures on thumb drives but they sure are building up. I shared some pictures from FB of my great grandkids and now I can't find them or when you do you can't do anything with them. I'm not a patient person so that makes it worse.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes Christmas was a great day. He still hasn't passed those stones. They did go on there trip to Mexico and seem to be having a great time. Kids are tough.

    I'm sure glad they haven't changed the games to much.

    Hi Sondra,

    We did have a wonderful time lots of laughter.

    I really need to stop and pick up some split peas today so I can put up a pot of pea n ham soup, it will be my first try. There is still way to much ham for me to eat so Sunday I am going to send more off with my daughter.

  5. Jo, so glad you had a nice Christmas.
    I did as well... quiet, but nice. my time in Tucson has ended for now, but I should be back through. Hope to visit with you at that time.

  6. Hi Sunny,

    I sure hope to see you on your return would hate to not see you after such a long time. Some friends are heading this way in a few days and wanted me to follow the caravan to Q but I'm just not set up and I still don't have a heat solution if it turns cold even there over night.
    Safe travels