Sunday, December 4, 2016

Catching Up

Seems lots of changes here on Blogger. Lots of added stuff on the tool bar.

Had a relapse of the that stinkin cold. So I finally went to the Dr. and started taking antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection. We needed to be sure it didn't get into my lungs. Starting to feel better but it sure seems like a long haul. I do have the flu and pneumonia shot but I guess there is another  flu shot I need for this year and that will have to wait until this clears up a bit more.

After last Sunday's outing I decided to stay home besides the Dr. visit. I was really getting stir crazy which is only because I shouldn't go out. 

A cold front has moved in and boy it has been cold but I am loving it. My furnace decided to die on me but been handling it OK with the electric heaters. Bought a tower Lasko and it sure does a great job and fast. I made sure it had the remote so if it got to cold or to warm in my room I could adjust it from bed. So no suffering happening here from the cold. And the cold is good for killing germs anyway.

Yesterday Saturday, my grandson stopped by with the kids to pick up a few household items since she moved out and took everything.  His mom picked them up and also drove him to pick up some food he had the money but no car. Who leaves their kids with the dad and takes all the food and dishes. Did she think for one moment we would not take care of that. I think it was to say you can't even take care of the kids. WRONG!

Anyway today Tracy and I did our breakfast and a quick run to Dollar Tree for a few items and then back home didn't want to stay out to long.  We know we will need to find some new places for breakfast now that the winter visitors are back as all our favorite places are jam packed. May have to start making breakfast at home but it just won't be the same. And soon the Gem Show will hit town and then nothing will be available.

Looking at the weather for the next week we may have 2 days reaching in the 70's for a high and the nights maybe in the low 40's hey its a heat wave. 

Good Night All


  1. Your weather sounds about like Sacramento's - cold,cold,cold for a few days and then warm for a few. I doubt that is very healthy.

    What kind of a mother would do that to her kids and their dad. What a shame.

  2. Hi Gypsy,
    Yes this weather front has lasted a long time.

    This girl is so nasty it isn't even funny but her mother is just as bad. She is in an out all the time, but this one takes the cake. But even I couldn't believe she went this far. We had then set up in no time at all. She left a bag of clothes but they were all summer wear. Except for the Arriana who had long pants and a long sleeve shirt. So when Tracy took them to the store for food they Anthony bought him some sweats.

  3. sorry to hear you're under the weather, I've never had a flu shot but Im knocking on wood hope I can get by without one. My house furnace died before I got the house back so I have not even had it looked at I have some baseboard electric, some of those radiator space heaters and the fireplace. So far Im warm and cozy. NOW when it gets down into the 20's and teens as is does in February I might have to purchase another radiator!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    The Lasko Tower is one heck of an electric heater. I had one years ago as I mentioned before so I knew that was what I wanted again. My room is about 16 X 18 and the bathroom has double doors and is 16 x 6 I couldn't believe it heated the entire 2 spaces and it was 27 degrees outside. It is well worth the $70 I paid for it and thinking about maybe getting another one for the kitchen living room area.It does a semi rotation so the heat gets distributed better.

  5. Jo, that sounds like an awesome heater. I might try that form when I'm hooked to electric in my rv. The one I have now is a little *' x 6" cube and doesn't put out enough neat. The furnace in here is propane so I use that when boon-docking, but if I'm in a campground, I'd rather heat with the electric.
    I made it as far as Willcox, and it was 22* last night. That furnace only shut down for less that 5 min and started right up again! Then this afternoon it was teeshirt weather. Go figure. But i'm not complaining. Better than a foot of snow, lol

  6. Welcome to AZ! yes we have been having some really cold nights and Wilcox gets colder. I also have a little Honeywell that works pretty good too but of course nothing like the Lasko, the Honeywell is round and so it gives off heat in all directions without rotating. Safe journey as you get closer to Tucson, I think my crud maybe almost over but of course the cough lingers.