Thursday, December 8, 2016

My That Header Is Huge

Haven't been doing to much just wanting to get rid of this crud. But it seems to be going away finally. My right side is so sore from all the coughing.

I did do some grocery shopping on Tuesday my least favorite thing.

Couple loads of laundry and some dusting.

But today I had lunch at my house with my granddaughter Paula and baby Mia. She kept me amused for a couple hours with those big dimples and happy little face. I was able to give her her birthday present and she just loved it. Carried it around holding it up to her chest haha it was a jacket, shirt and leggings. So funny to see a 1 yr old knowing to hold up the clothes for us to see. So it was a great day for me today.

I clicked the button to fix shrink the picture for the header but OH well I guess it does what every it want too. 

Has anyone finished they're shopping yet? I have not bought one thing yet. With all this being sick I have not done any shopping. I guess I should get on the stick. Not many gifts to buy but still there won't be much left. But then most of them like gift cards so they can buy what they want. Older ones are so fussy and the little ones think they are very cool to have their very own money to spend. But there is nothing like a few gifts under the tree. 

The 21 st is my daughters birthday so I need to take care of that. She wants a bird! Well it's her birthday.

Good Night All


  1. I haven't been out shopping yet, and haven't heard how my elves are doing. They shouldn't be going during the week since they are in school, so I'm hoping for some news this weekend.

    You work too hard! I don't dust very often when I'm feeling good, but when I'm not doing so well I just ignore the dust!

  2. good you're on the mend...I am probably not buying gifts this yr everyone keeps saying they don't want to do gifts this yr Im all for that easy peasy.

  3. Me go out to shop? Not unless I am absolutely forced. Amazon for me.

    Keep well!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I hope your Elves are enjoying the experience for you. I figure with all this sneezing and coughing I should keep up with the dusting. It's really dry here right now and the dust is a constant.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes I am on the mend I'm pretty happy about that. As for gifts I think I will go buy some Walmart gift cards and if they don't show up to collect I can use them for myself for groceries or what ever.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I really don't like to shop at all but I will just do a little. there are babies and I do enjoy getting them books or something like that.

  5. My dad was big into celebrating Christmas...Mom and I not so much. We would wrap things we already owned and give them to ourselves to fool Dad. He is the only one we shopped for.

    I have been putting off going to the laundromat for days guess if I wait a couple more it wont matter :)

  6. Hi MsBelinda,

    I don't know if I will even put up a tree this year and I used to decorate ever room even the bathrooms. I did put out a few things but very little.

    If I didn't have a washer I don't know what I would do I remember having to use laundromats when my 4 kids were little and boy I hate it. Of course when I travel I have to use them