Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Yesterday I knew I had to get out and start shopping. So I hit Walmart and bought a couple gifts there. I found a nice spiral ham for not to bad a price compared to what they were around Thanksgiving. A few other groceries and I was done for the day.

This morning I headed out again and went to Bath n Body and picked up a couple of gifts. Then hit Family Dollar for tissue paper and gift bags, Christmas books for the kids and some silly little extra stuff for the older kids.

2 of my grandsons have their own apt. and don't know how to cook. I thought about buying them cook books for dummies and wow are they expensive. Walmart had them on line for less than Amazon but were sold out. Might have to check out Michael's, I know they will be expensive there but won't have to add in the shipping cost.

I had thought about stopping at the new Fry's but it was packed so home I went. My rib really started to let me know it was done for the day anyway.

Kathy stopped by to bring me a gift as they are heading home for 2 weeks for Christmas to cold Wisconsin. I also gave her her gift.

Before I left I stripped down the bed and late afternoon after taking a couple Tylenol I was able to remake the bed.

Hope to get out again tomorrow and hope to get closer to finishing the shopping or maybe not. 

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like you put a good dent into your shopping chores. I really need to get busy as I still have some of the bigger gifts to buy.

  2. I do practically all my shopping on Amazon. And that's for 15 grandkids and 3 great grands. Amazon Prime well worth it. I hate shopping and here near Houston,TX where we are for another day the traffic is horrendous. How do people live like this!

  3. I have done one online gift and that's it! I do plan a midweek trip for something to wrap up I'm going to my sisters for Christmas son plans to car pool with me, since he and his lady broke up its been heartbreak for him...:o( Mom leaves this Saturday for my sisters house she is staying 2 weeks if all goes as planned. Im looking forward to those 2 weeks, its a lot of work looking after her, but she insists she can still do it all...poor thing she can't even make a sandwich anymore, but I guess its okay for her to still think she can!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Shopping is a pain and I think I'm getting a little cranky in my aging process.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I can't afford to do all my shopping on amazon so its off to the stores I go. I also have that many grand kids but I have 9 great grands. I picked up a few gift cards just in case I missed someone.

    Hi Sondra,

    Sorry to hear about your son's breakup, going through it with one of the grandson's but whats worse is kids are involved. Hate to see them suffer at this time of year or anytime for that matter. I bet the 2 week break will be a blessing for you. But I know you do this out of pure love.

  5. Made mine easy, got adult coloring books and sets of 48 gel coloring pens for almost everybody. My 56 yo brother even said he'd like one too...My sis had given me one for my bd in Nov.,,, love it.