Sunday, December 18, 2016

Think It's Time For An Update

The weather has been crazy as seems it is everywhere. But the electric heaters are doing the job just fine.

I finally got out this week and each day did a little Christmas shopping. I do believe I'm finished. I picked up a few gift cards for places to eat just in case and a few bottles of wine and its my favorite kind so if it doesn't  go to someone I can have it. Of course it can last a long time around here.

Yesterday I went out to breakfast with my daughter since today is her boyfriends birthday. We drove all the way out to the Cracker Barrel as we love to shop in the little store at this time of year. While the food is always excellent the store was a big let down. The big tree was not up and we sure weren't finding the decorations we always buy. And of course it was so crowded by time we finished eating that we just walked out. We also go back after Christmas for the big sales they have but we won't bother this time since we didn't see anything anyway.

We then drove back to our side of town to hit a store I needed to go to for a few items and bought my daughter a few things for her birthday which is this Wed. 

Seems like this cold and sinus bug really loves me and feels like it is trying to start up again. How much more of this do I have to deal with. Another friend of mine has it also and is having trouble fighting it off. More vitamin c is needed so I may pick that up tomorrow.

Hope everyone is staying warm where every you are.

Have a Great Day


  1. We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday for breakfast also. Not the same one though. And this one didn't have much either. But I did get another jar of their spiced apple butter which I love.

  2. I'm sorry you are still fighting the sinus or cold that has been bugging you for a while. Got to get rid of that before Christmas!

  3. Hi Sandie,

    Nolw that sounds good if we do go back after Christmas I will look for it. Also maybe during the week might be better than a weekend this time of year.

    Hi Gypsy,

    This is some nasty germ I tell you. But keep drinking tea either Chia or Peppermint with fresh lemon and honey seems better tonight

  4. Hi Jo hope you can conquer that bug...I have yet to buy the first plan is for Wednesday...midweek to maybe miss the crowds but get some bargains.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    I think I have finally conquered that nasty bug. I'm going to just run out to the .99 store for gift bags and veggies. Want to pick up some shampoo's and other hygiene items for the adopt a family since this is the last week. I sure hope you beat the crowds and find some great bargains.

  6. Always love Cracker Barrel. Really like so many things they sell in the store. Maybe now that we are buying a house, I will be tempted to buy a few. But I guess like everywhere else, it is crowded at this time. At least you had an enjoyable breakfast.

  7. Hi Phyllis,

    Oh I love it too they just didn't have what we expected. And I'm trying to clear out but it is so hard. Getting new things for your home will be exciting I'm sure