Monday, January 2, 2017

Cold and Rainy

Yesterday was freezing cold and rainy. The temperature ranged from 48 - 50 all day long.

My grandson Anthony, my daughter Tracy and I  headed out for breakfast anyway hoping that it would clear up.

As we sat at the table my daughter asked if I only put on one earring. I said I had both of them on when I left the house. I had been messing with my jacket so I knew it had to be somewhere near. As we got ready to leave of course the sky opened up with buckets of cold hard rain. Tracy ran ahead to open the doors, as I walked out I spotted my earring right there. Yippee! In that short time to pick it up and get to the truck I was soaked. 

Returned home as I was not feeling like I wanted to do anything else. The kids took off for other places and I changed into my sweats and turned on the electric heaters to take the chill out of the house.

The rain is finally passed but the cold temps are here for at least a week the sun is at least shining nice a bright but by Friday they are calling for more rain.

It looks like a new fridge may have to be bought. I have the knob set on one dot away from off and still it is so cold it is ruining some of the veggies. Salad mixes especially. I may go pricing them out today. With what they charge to come out and then for repairs I just think it's better to replace a 11 yr old appliance. I'm not into all that jazzy stuff just a plain old fridge with maybe a freezer on the bottom this time if that costs more then the usual top model will do.

Have a great Day All


  1. We didn't even leave the house yesterday. Well Jim did to take Skitz out between rain storms. And it looks like rain again next weekend. So stay warm and dry.

  2. We didn't even leave the house yesterday. Well Jim did to take Skitz out between rain storms. And it looks like rain again next weekend. So stay warm and dry.

  3. If you put too many food articles close to the Temperature Probe the fridge can't tell how cold it really is and will freeze everything. Move things around giving it space. That may solve your problem and is cheaper then a new Fridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I'm like you, and just want the no-frills models of everything. They add so darn much to the controls that I can't barely read them, and then since they are all strange icons rather than words, I still don't know what to do!

  5. Hi Sandie,

    This morning was so nice and sunny, by time I got my act together and went out the door it was all gloomy and cloudy again and plenty cold.

    Hi Rick,
    I really haven't loaded up more than usual but I will check to make sure it isn't being blocked just to be sure. Thank You

    Hi Gypsy,

    I sure don't need all that fancy stuff just more to break and cause problems and like you I have no clue what all those icons mean and the booklets if your even lucky enough to get one are typed so small I can't read them anyway. They tell you just go on line and look it up ah no thank you

  6. Am in the process of looking for a new refrig to replace my 25 yr old Frigidaire. Thought about bottom freezer, but when checking didn't like bending over so much and have read with freezer on bottom can affect your crispers on bottom of refrig part. Am looking at Whirlpool and GE's 'cause of quiet motor comments. We had a little bit of overcast weather, suuppose to be warmer this week.

  7. Hi Emily, I tried some tip from Rick, and also lowered the freezer dial but I don't think it has made any difference. Now I have lost my link to century link spent 2 hr on the phone and still nothing using my phone and can't find all the blogs I read this year so far is not better.

  8. Check and see if have a Sears outlet in your area. We bought a very nice fridge for about half what the retail price would be.

  9. Yea, some times things get just too dang old to be fixed. I feel like that on occasion. Don't try fix.... just let me enjoy being a little bit of kilter. Hope you find a good one.