Saturday, January 7, 2017

Miracle or Century Link?

I have not had internet since last Sunday. I spent 2 hrs. on the phone Monday, one of those hours was with India or what ever country that is. The first person was easy to understand and then she put me on hold to check something and we got cut off. Called back and got cut off again, called back and it said all circuits are busy, called again and some guy answered and he could barely speak english. OK enough of this. Connect me to the USA now! An hour spent with a really nice guy but how much can one person take of unplug this unplug that do it again. ENOUGH!  Send someone to check your equipment, no its at your house. We will send someone tomorrow to check you stuff at 11:30 am no I will not be home, Sunday at 8 am no I will be getting ready to leave. He, tells me, he, is trying to help me. After an hour you haven't been any help at all and I am in need to leaving for an apt. Flat out refused to send someone out to check their junction box down the street. I told him now many people in the park where I live have dropped Century Link because of these problems. I told him I better not see a bill in the mail since you never seem to get a discount for all the down times. He said well you have to ask for it. WHAT?! OK well make sure you mark this down.
I ran a check on my system and it came back 1 of 2 things, bad modem or cut off to home.

I checked everyday to see if it was working and of course it didn't. this morning I turned it on and noticed the triangle was gone from the little icon and took a chance and walla here I am. HHhmmmm.

While I have wifi in my phone it really isn't great it is soooo slow and I just can't bring up much of what I do. I could see and read my blog but not post. It just gets so frustrating.

The weather has been beautiful chilly in the morning but warming up later in the afternoon so that the door can be left open and some fresh air can come in.

Haven't been doing to much just taking short runs here and there just to get out of the house.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Just think our blissful our lives were before all this "magic" stuff to connect us with everything. "Ignorance is bliss", said Thomas Gray in one of his poems.

  2. Can't get decent CS these days it's only an after thought and honestly they don't care. I have Verizon MiFi but when my contract is up I'm changing! Sick of the data plan!! I prefer to go back to dial up!
    COLD blowing snow here def an inside day.

  3. Do you have any alternative if you drop the company you are with? I was surprised to find that AT&T has the lock on all service in our mobile home park, but the email address at the park office is sbcglobal! I'm not sure why they can have it when the residents can't. They are all crap in my estimation. I had better service sometimes with dial-up in the 1990's.

  4. I often wonder if other people have as much trouble with all this electronic stuff as we do. It just seems to have made our lives more stressful and has become addictive. I had Century Link once upon a time when I had a land line and they were the only game in town. They were difficult to deal with. Good luck!

  5. Hi Emily,
    Your so right life was much easier back in the day. And its down again.

    Hi Sondra,
    Had it out with them again 5:30 am its down again. They are the worst people.I had mifi and the cost was a killer kept running over, then tried straight talk hot spot same problem, the is great not the hot spot.
    Snow and a fire place is what I need right now. Of course I can say that because it won't happen here.

    Hi gypsy,
    They are all so expensive going to have to make a choice I can't keep this up. They want to charge $85. If they come in the house.

    Hi sherry,

    Yes they are difficult to work with for sure. All this techy crap is to much.