Saturday, January 14, 2017

Up, Down, Up Down

The Internet works sometimes and sometimes not. When I notice the icon is free of the triangle I get on. Try to catch up before it shuts down again. While playing Spider sometimes I notice it is up again. And so it goes. Up n down

I found a work order from Century Link in my mail, I quickly responded to cancel as I will not permit them to do anything more to my laptop. I guess I will still have to take it to the Geek Squad guys to get this fixed.

Just be careful of these company that out source to other countries and I suspect the guy in the USA was part of the problem too.

Anyway yesterday was very cloudy and it just looked like it might pour at any minute but the weather said no. So I took off and did my shopping really quick since I really didn't have any food left and I do mean anything. 

It never rained yesterday but I was happy to have gotten the dreaded shopping done.

Today was the same but had lots of laundry to do so I got that done and put away. But late this afternoon it rained a bit. But this evening it poured on an off and had some thunder to go along with it.

I did go out to lunch with my friend Kathy this week to a Chinese restaurant we like. We spent a long time there just catching up on things since we don't see much of each other anymore. It was really a nice time.

Of course tomorrow my daughter Tracy and I will be doing our Sunday breakfast somewhere and who knows what afterward.

Good Night All


  1. I'm enjoying a few rain-free days, although I find it really chilly. I see guys out in shorts & short-sleeved shirts and wonder how they do it!

  2. I enjoy hearing about your Sunday Breakfasts, we used to have a Family tradition of going out every Friday Night for dinner, that before the Population explosion and one could get a table for a family on a Friday night! Can you do a system restore on your laptop? i know nothing of Win10...I accidentally changed the calendar in my laptop and it would not connect to the internet...but even doing a system restore did not fix that problem, finally I found the mess up, and changed the date and time to correct it.

  3. The weather, here, can't make up it's mind. Single digits a week ago and mid to high 70s today! I hate computer or phone problems! - Nancy

  4. weve just been put under a tornado alert until midnite. you must have sent them lol.

  5. It had been really nice a few days ago. Supposed to clear up for a few days then more rain. We bundled up today.

    Hi Sondra,

    I'll try to post in the morning about today. The guy tried everything to no a Vail.

    Hi Nancy,
    Yes crazy winter. But at least we don't have snow or ice. Of course the mountains must have plenty of snow.
    Not happy with all the computer stuff.

    Hi Trouble,
    No tornados here. Stay safe