Sunday, February 5, 2017

A New Week Starts

Today it was so beautiful got really warm. We started out with the heater on in the truck.

We went to breakfast and by time we came out it had warmed up a bit. We hit Dollar Tree and the Famous Footwear so Tracy could get herself a pair of sneakers for working out at the gym she joined. I'm going to go with her next Saturday to check it out. It's only $10. a month and no contract. I like that part. It's Planet Fitness. Maybe I will be able to do something there. I need to do something.

When we came back to my house she said she had my birthday gift and wanted to give it to me now. 

 I think I need to put a better flower pot in the back ground.
A new week is now starting and I hope to stay busy and do lots of outdoor things. I did sit out on the porch today after Tracy left it was such a beautiful day again. Still want to make more changes out there. I have a corner piece for storage out there and it needs to be cleaned out and plenty of stuff tossed. 

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and then I need to do a little shopping.

Good Nigh All


  1. The flower is beautiful. That's the kind I need to start buying. I wouldn't be able to kill them.

  2. Welcome granny j,

    Thank you I love these wonderful and colorful flowers.And no we can't kill them.

  3. I hope you enjoy Planet Fitness as much as I do. And going with your daughter and/or granddaughter is the best.

  4. I like your gift it's very cute! Sounds like your weather is good right now...ours is okay warm days cold nights..perfect!

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I was wondering if that was the one you joined. If I do join I will have to go alone since my daughter and granddaughter work and go at night.

    Hi Sondra,

    Thank you I love it they come is so many colors but they can be pricey. The weather is kind of on an off but it isn't bad and I am enjoying it. Hope all is well at your place.

  6. While I'm on, I can't not stop by your place, Jo. As always, you are cheerful and busy. You have such a great outlook on everything. I'm always cheered by your comments on my blog. Pats to Fred.