Friday, February 10, 2017

New Mechanic

After reading reviews and talking to some of my neighbors about this shop I decided to get the truck in. I was pleased with all the questions they asked about the truck and then asked me what all I was looking for. I explained about the last place I took the truck and the fact I didn't think they did anything the last time I brought in the truck. So everything was checked out to make sure there weren't any leaks anywhere and found nothing. Still a mystery about why there wasn't any transmission fluid in there on my last trip after they were supposed to check everything. Also the plugs were really bad and they said it was amazing I was getting any spark at all. I saw the plug I to was amazed. So I had been paying for service I wasn't getting for who knows how long. What a shame to treat long standing customers that way. I had been going to Tucson Mountain Motors since 2004 and they were really good until about 2014 by 2015 it was over. The owner was more interested in his antique gas station pumps and old Porches and let some kids run the place. 

So the cost was $283. for everything which included new radiator cap, oil change, full tune up,fuel system flush, 5/30 syn blend oil, 3 parts chemical kit and labor. They told me the truck is in excellent condition for  2004 with  125,465 miles on it. The list is much longer for all they did and I sure feel good about it all too. The place is called Motor Works & Machine. I don't know if anyone who reads my blog lives around here but if you do this is the place. They are friendly and receive you well.  I was told if I want to tow a trailer I can pull up to 4,500 lbs with no trouble at all. I doubt I will but it's nice to know.

The temps have risen quite a bit and have been in the high 80's but by Sunday they will drop down again into 60's and that's fine with me. It's way to hot already.

Good Night All


  1. My back seats in the Highlander don't lie flat, but have an angle to them which makes it impossible to sleep in the back. I was thinking of taking the narrower seat out completely and using something to make a platform to throw my sleeping bag on. I'd probably rather sleep in my tent, but it would be good for the occasional rain or even staying at a Walmart parking lot. I've thought about it for a long time but never got around to doing anything about it.

  2. I'm glad you finally found a good place you can trust to have your truck worked on. Being able to trust your mechanic is crucial in this day and age, and I want you to be safe!

  3. A good mechanic is hard to find so kudos for you. Sounds like a great deal. you never know just the right little trailer may come along!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I joined a few camping groups and I have seen so many conversions to cars just for that reason. Most do take out the seat and some just build a frame to level the hump in the seat. Your son's are so good at these things and it really is an easy fix. If you need pictures let me know I will try to transfer them for you to you e-mail.

    Hi Jim my very special Friend,

    I was so turned off my what happened at the last place that I wanted to be sure before I took the truck in and time was running out on service. Thank you for caring about me yet again. Your the best.

    Hi Sondra,

    It sure is hard to find someone trustworthy anymore. And I started looking again for something small. I'll take my time as I still want to sell off stuff for the extra money.

  5. It sure sounds like the new shop took good care of you! That is a shame about what the old place did. I'm glad there is someone you can trust now. That means a lot in this day and age!