Monday, February 27, 2017

Busy Weekend

Our weather has turned chilly again. And looks like a couple days of rain heading this way. 

Saturday was Arianna's 2 birthday so off to her party. It's always a nice family get together with lots of kids having fun. And luckily it was a sunny day so lots of out door activities leaving us older folks in side to enjoy the calm. 

The twins are so well behaved except when they are at each other

Little Jazz, is so sweet and doesn't say much but she does talk.

Alonzo is also quiet and sweet as can be always ready for a hug and some kisses. Not my arm ahaha

The birthday girl Arianna, she was listening to music and did a little dance but I couldn't find the video. Even the twins did a little dancing.

It seems no one was able to get pictures of the older kids as they were all outside in the jumping castle. And while I was there no one even got hurt.

Sunday, was breakfast as usual with my daughter Tracy, we found out our favorite server no longer works at this restaurant and the service was not good. We checked this place off the list. When you have to keep flagging them down it isn't worth it. And for it being a Sunday not many people were there. The servers all seemed to just hang out the serving center.

We headed for the Neighborhood Grocery store for a few items. Tracy needed some cough medicine and I needed a few items. Tracy has a terrible cough and not sure if it is allergies or a nasty cold. Looked up pollen counts and it does say tree pollen very high.

Later Debbie came by with my grandson Jimmy. She gave me pretty little heart earrings and then off to dinner we went. Had a great Topopo salad.

So yes it was a very busy weekend and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Have a wonderful day all.


  1. That was a busy weekend! We have no little ones in our circle! Most of our family is in Michigan and TN...and my sisters had no our family is getting old and coming to a branch with no forks!

  2. Your grandchildren are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Sondra,

    This family is growing in leaps and bounds. But my paternal side is going the way of yours and I guess also my maternal side too.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you my heart just doubles its beat over these little one.

  4. Glad you had a nice and enjoyable weekend with your family.