Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Crazy Weather

Nasty weather set in on Friday, the temps started to move down again and clouds started to build.

Saturday, was cold and very cloudy with a sprinkle here and there. Saturday, night had pouring down rain.

Sunday, it was down right cold and stormy. But my daughter and I still went to breakfast and met some friends at the restaurant. Had lots of catching up to do haven't seen this couple in a very long time. After breakfast Tracy, and I, hit Walmart for a few things. It will be my great granddaughter's second birthday and the party is Saturday. 

Finally found the pictures from my birthday dinner. This is Miss Arianna, who will be 2 this week
 Big brother my Smiley Anthony

We headed for home as neither of us slept well the night before. Me because I was so into a book I was reading and for some reason just didn't get sleepy until about 3:30 am and had to get up at 6:30 to let
Fred out and get in the shower.

Monday was still cold and cloudy but no rain. Tues. dawned foggie but then the sun came out and it was a little warmer. Today was really gorgeous and I sat out on the porch with the fountain running and a slight breeze just enough to make the wind chimes do their thing.

Good Night All


  1. It's been years since I've stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading a book. The children are really beautiful - such gorgeous eyes and smiles.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank You for the kind words about my babies. they do have the most beautiful eyes, like their mother.

    I have been keeping the worst hours lately

  3. Very cute children! I recently read a Trilogy and I found myself up late reading...the Trilogy was about a comet that hit the moon and moved it and changed life on planet Earth, "Life As We Knew It" by Susan Pfeffer. Good read!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Thank you today is the little ones birthday!
    I'll look that book up. If it warms up again I like to read while sitting on the porch. Hope all is going well at your place

  5. You have lovely grandchildren!

    Is it common for it to be this cold and rainy in your area?

  6. Hi MsBelinda,

    Some winters it is and usually we do have winter monsoons. And we had it all this year with the one thing missing snow. not that we get a lot of snow but sometimes it come during the night and by afternoon it is gone. But Mt Lemon, Ricon,and the Santa Rita mountains have had lot of snow that has lasted a long time.