Saturday, February 18, 2017

Getting Camping Gear Ready

The weather was great for working out in the shed. And work I did. Cleaned up the mess we made looking for things to help someone out. And went through the tote. I think that is all fine and I will not need to get anything more. So things are once again organized which I feel really good about.

I have things I will post on Craig's List as I don't need them and won't be using them anymore. Some of the things have never even been used and some are like brand new. Threw lots of things out too.

I managed to clear off the two tables I built out there when I first moved here and had a studio for painting ceramics and then other hobbies which I no longer do. I actually built 3 tables, one I use for projects and tools. I had also put a sink out there and drilled a hole in the wall to run a garden hose for water to the sink. and one down near the floor for a drain to the yard. Oh to be that age and that agile again.

This also has been a really busy birthday week. Going to lunch with friends and a painting class with my daughter. Last night it was dinner with my daughter Tracy and her family. More were supposed to come but had to cancel. We ate at Chili's and the food is always so good there. It was fun being with the babies.

Once again I cannot post the pictures I took of the kids GRrrrrrr.
I have to find some way to download my pictures I guess I'll have to buy some thumb drives and get all the pictures I can off this laptop. 

We have had lots of wind and rain today and they are calling for more tomorrow. It has only been in the mid 50's today and also tomorrow. I guess it's still winter so can't complain and it will be to hot to soon. Hope to get out of town by end of April.

Hope I can make it work we shall see

Good Night All


  1. That's great you're in a traveling & camping mode. Do you have any idea where you will go? I really want to get away this year but being by myself and without a dog isn't the attraction it used to be.

  2. I hope to start up at the White Mountains and then see maybe head to NM. I know it's hard to be on the road alone. Plus my dear friend is not well enough to travel anymore. But I sure don't want to stay here cooped up in the house all summer like last year.

  3. SO happy you got your stuff organized it makes one feel good to do that I can't wait for my shed to be done so I can gather up my junk which is all over the place at current time! Your shed sounds great I love the idea of the sink, I had an old sink but took it to the goodwill, as I thought I'd never actually get my shed rebuilt! April sounds perfect!

  4. Didn't know if you went back to read comments on my blog. I'm up for a short while, then down again to rest, so I'll only have time for read for a few minutes. My comment to you:
    "Hey, you never know. I might pick you and Fred up on the way! :) We'll see how things turn out. Maybe, if you are up for it, we could drive up to Utah, pick up another friend and camp together. Nothing like a bunch of women laughing around a campfire. Then, I could return you home. Bogey, as you could see in the pictures, if you saw them, gets along with all other dogs an"d the trailer and campsite is completely dog friendly.

    1. I have plenty of room in my trailer for you and Fred. That way a week won't cost you anything if you don't mind bunking with me. My screen room was great this last trip. 15x15 goes up easy Peary--room for peopleand dogs.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Yes I think I will post on Tucson Sell an Search to find someone to do the bed build in the truck. I picked up the sink maybe at Home Depot when I moved here it's one of those plastic cheap one on legs. It's been great to have for cleaning up after painting the inside of the house. Its original use was to pour ceramic molds and my dad made a rack for each side and cut curves into to wood for dowels so the molds could be rolled for emptying the clip into a bucket in the sink. It worked great. Now its still in use after 15 yrs just not for ceramics anymore.

    Hi Nancy,

    By all means get that rest your needing. A trip to Utah sounds great but I would take my truck. I might be allergic to Bogey and that would not be fun lol. But we will see how it goes by that time.