Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Make Things So Difficult

The temps are going back up but the winds are a royal pain. The rain they had predicted are no long on the forecast.

The air mattress arrived so got to work on setting it up. WAIT! this is not going to work. My buddy Lucy came over and we tried to use some pieces of memory foam left over to fill in. Nope not going to work it was just to uncomfortable. So I let the air out and my daughter helped me fold it back up to get it back in the box, well almost anyway. I'm glad I bought it from Walmart and not Amazon as it will be much easier to return. Tomorrow I will bring it back. 

I went back and took measurements again and low and behold the mattress I used before will fit just fine. I will get it out there tomorrow and finish fixing up the rest of the camper. I may buy a  air mattress to use on the futon in the house.

If I would have thought this through for a while I would have saved myself a lot of grief over this bed.

I hope I can still get out this week if not I will wait until the middle of April and go then for sure.

Good Night All


  1. When we ordered our new mattress from Amazon, I made Jim measure and remeasure about ten times. I drive him crazy but I did not want to hassle sending it back. And getting it back in the box, forget it. Looks like wind again this week but at least it's not in the 90s. Hope you get out of there.

  2. OH fault I should not have mentioned air mattress..Hope you get to go on your trip, the weather will never be just right same day cold next day hot we can have hail in the morning and get a sunburn in the afternoon!

  3. Hi Sandie,

    I'm glad I didn't order it from Amazon as this way I can return it to Walmart instead. I'm just getting ready to bring the memory foam mattress out there and be done with it. No the weather will never be perfect that's for sure but if it can be a little better. Now that the nights have dropped down into the 40's again I'll wait a little longer.

    Hi Sondra,

    Not a problem haha I just shouldn't have gone for the slim. I will still get the air mattress for the bed I am stealing the memory foam from. Just keep circulating things. As long as I am out of here by mid April all things will be good.

  4. I hate returning things by mail also - it's bad enough to have to walk into the store and return them.

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I know I had to go to the Neighborhood Grocery today and I meant to ask if I can return it there but by time I finished at the register I forgot. Such a mind.