Thursday, March 23, 2017


This weather is just crazy. We had been in the 90's for days, today it was in the 60's with blowing winds with some sun and lots of clouds.

Met up with some of my camping ladies for lunch and we had a great time as always. After lunch one headed out for NM on her slow trip back to the east, with lots of stops along the way. See you next fall.

While the rest of us will hang out here until mid April or later depending on medical treatments for the other 2 ladies.

Well I am still waiting for the air mattress to come I thought it was supposed to be here today but the tracker is saying tomorrow. But that's OK since I have been busy all week with friends and errands I haven't completed the prep for the mattress. I want to put a layer of egg crate foam down so any splinters from the wood will not poke a hole in the mattress.  I also need to secure the frame with a bungee cord as it does move around back there. Do another good vacuuming since we did get some wood dust in there after we cut the plywood. Guess I didn't sweep it off as well as I thought. 

Then I'll do some work on the curtains to see if I can come up with a better job then what I have been using. I will also have to sew the sheets to fit the smaller mattress so they stay on better. I like tight sheets.

So I better get good and busy tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. OH good idea putting the egg crate down that will help keep the air mattress from slipping too. We had the warmest winter and now the coldest the weather is one thing you can not predict with any certainty any longer. I can feel your excitement building it is contagious! Madera will probably have plenty of birds to look for this time of year!

  2. I think the planning and prep are as much fun as the actual camping!

  3. Hi Sondra,

    The weather isn't looking to good but even to nights will be nice. Won't bother bringing the screen room for such a short trip.Maybe I will get lucky and the rain will pass I can always go pay for another night or 2. I know there will be lots of birds now as they have migrated here now.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it is for me I just can't wait for this trip no matter how short.

  4. Hi Jo! I sure like the idea of the putting down the egg crate to keep things in place. I used to use an air mattress and they are very comfortable! The problem is that in Iowa an air mattress gets cold. Also, I'm a big guy and I bottomed it out.

    I think it should work really well. As a retail guy, I can tell you that the more you spend, the better the mattress. Just like a tire, they all need to be topped off on a regular basis.

  5. Hi Brad,

    I'm not sure the mattress is going to work. It was very narrow and we added some heavy foam to it but I just don't think it will work I think I will try the memory foam that I used to use and see how that works. Trial and error with this new set up.