Monday, May 8, 2017

Better Temperatures

Today I spent the day with my daughter Debbie and her beautiful granddaughter, my great granddaughter Miliany. We went out to lunch and while she is a good baby she loves to make noise. They are trying to teach to not be so loud. hehe. 
But what a joy she is, Miliany will be 13 months in a few days. She is starting to take a few steps and we had so much fun and she knows it's all about her. Miliany also knows how to blow her nose but forgets you need a tissue first. 

The day was much cooler and very cloudy. About 4 pm we had rain! It rained on and off now for most of the evening and we really need it. Tomorrow we will be at about 66 degrees and 70% rain. I'll take it we need it. Over the weekend we had another fire this time in Vail, AZ which is still part of Pima County and annexed from Tucson. This one took out 4 structures and 2 homes. Luckily no one was hurt. 1700 acres burned and yes human caused again. Still under investigation.
I hear thunder off in the distance don't know if it will make it to this part of town.

I had planned on a camping trip this week with the lower temps but that was before they called for rain. Glad I didn't go into full on load like the last time.  Oh well it will happen or  not.

Good Night All


  1. Glad you had a good time w/your great granddaughter. Here at home, we watched the rain coming down over the Black Range/Gila's and hope they got some rain over the forest fire area up north of Reserve NM. Started 5/1 by lightening and is 17% contained so far. I get upset with the human caused fires too.

  2. Hi Emily,

    Thank You I really enjoy this baby she is so much fun.
    I hope you had enough rain in the range of the fire too. It's so early in the season to be getting hit with all these fires.

  3. One thing we can never be sure of is what's the weather gonna do... fire is nothing to fool with for sure!! I love your new header photo...excellent!