Thursday, May 4, 2017

Good Grief!

My friend Lucy stopped by yesterday with her latest experiment. She saw this on the Internet somewhere so she tried it out and by golly it worked. And I know I should have taken a picture but didn't. It is a portable swamp cooler. It's made out of a 5 Gal. bucket a pump and fan. it has a cooler pad cut to fit the inside of the bucket the water pump goes on the bottom and then a water tube runs up one side and into a tube with holes in it over the top of the filter. The fan blows the cool air out of a vent. Darnedest thing ever I'm sure if you add some ice it will really get good and cold. But it is just to big to add to my camper. But with a small tt it would work great, could run it off the deep cycle battery.

Good Grief! it already hit 100 today and tomorrow possible 102. Then next week we will drop down into the 70's I was getting excited thinking I would go camping and then tonight they said rain. I can't seem to win this year again.

Maybe tomorrow I will run to Wally World and pick up some yarn for a project I am working on or maybe just pick up the lighting fixtures for the bathroom. If I pick up a few things at a time when I get the ball rolling to pull out the tub it will go smoother. Still haven't figured out what kind of flooring I want. I would like to keep it as close to what I already have so it will be a match to the front bathroom.

Good Night All


  1. I'm glad I went back to tent camping as it is so much simpler and you don't need all the perks. I don't remember ever using the A/C in my RV at all, but I probably did. I think my 5th wheel was very well insulated because it didn't take much to make it comfortable.

  2. This weather is crazy. Going to be 105 here today. Makes me look forward to those 70's next week. Very interesting ac set up.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't need this thing at all, but Lucy loves making things. the problem is they end up at my house and I am trying to get rid of things not collect more LOL

    Hi Sandie,
    I thought by now you would be heading to cooler climates. Yes really looking forward to next week, to early in the season for high A/c bills

  4. Here in Houston the weather is crazy like everywhere else. So far tough, we have only gone into the high 80s. That's all the hot I need!

  5. Hi Jim,
    Yes we topped out at 104 yesterday and today the wind is howling like mad again. 80's are wonderful

  6. My goodness already in the three digits, I feel for you!

    I have seen that homemade A/C set up on YouTube and thought how cool that was.

    Hope you get to go camping soon.