Sunday, June 25, 2017

Just Checking In

I went out the other day to check out this little second hand store a few blocks away as my daughter Debbie, was looking for a used car seat for her granddaughter Miliany. It of course was already hot out but I needed to get out of the house. I pulled in front and the security door was open but the sign said closed. I located the store hours and it said 10 am I was 15 min early. I sat for a bit with the truck running but I still could feel the heat. Just as I decided to leave the lady came out and said come on in. I found one and could not believe what good shape it was in outside of being a little dirt. What a gonga $10. I was hoping to find at least one high chair but they said they never get them in for some reason. I walked around a bit and they had some nice things in there and the store and the stuff is really clean for the most part. I paid for the car seat and headed out the door. Dang it got hot in that short amount of time.

I really needed to stop at the store so I hit Safeway picked up a few things and mailed a letter on my way out. 

It was only 10:15 and it was was 102. Yep time to go home.

I proceeded to take the car seat apart so I could wash the padding, I was hoping I would be able to put it back properly. All these companies that make padded things no longer use the good material on the backs, dog beds included they use this cheap mesh stuff that isn't worth a crap. Most of that fell apart and the stuffing was hanging out. I had some old t-shirts that started to fall apart so I cut it into the pattern needed and sewed it up. Not a bad job and it gave me something to do. 

The rest of the week not much was going on since the humidity is now joining the heat and it was just to ugly to move even in the house. I had to slide the entertainment center over and away from the wall so the A/C vent was exposed and more cold air could circulate the room.

Yesterday I did a quick run to the store again and right back home. today my daughter Tracy, and I did our breakfast run and then to Walmart and back home. The A/C in the truck was hardly cooling down the small cab of my truck. But it always feels so good to open my door and walk into the nice cool house. 

Good Night All 


  1. Hi Jo, I know how hard it is to deal with the heat, hope you get a break soon. I am not really looking forward to the trip we are making just due to the heat we are about to go into! Humidity is awful, but the I prefer it over the oven hot blasts that dehydrate me in 15 mins! I hope the weather changes soon...although I think it's climate change and it's here to stay! I know what you mean about that mess crap on the back of stuff its barely material...its what I used to put on the BOTTOM of furniture when I had my upholstery business.

  2. Been watching the Heat that's been hitting your area and hope you can stay cool and comfortable.
    That was a neat idea on replacing the padding for the car seat.
    Be Safe, Stay Cool and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    Well I guess by time I am reading your comment you are on the road already. Hope your first leg of the trip went well. Be safe. I hope the weather cools down soon too.

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Yes it's a hot one I can tell you. I do stay mostly in the house and if I have to run out I try to get out as early as possible.
    Still hoping to hit the mountains soon but I quit making plans. If I wake up one Sunday morning and say this is the day then that will be the day. :)