Wednesday, June 7, 2017

No Rain For Us?

I was able to check off a couple more things on the to do list.

Had to really force myself out the door this morning. Kept telling myself I really didn't need to go to Target, a store I really do not like. But once I pulled out of the driveway I made my way there. I picked up a gift card for my daughter's birthday on Sat. and bought the twins their birthday gifts. I know a lot of people do not like Walmart but at least you can buy clothes there made in the USA. I should have just bought the gift card and left. All the clothes are made in Taiwan, China, India and a few more of those countries and the prices are through the roof. I will never shop there again.

Then on the way home and mind you it was only around 10 am and it was a scorcher, I stopped for gas and hit a second hand store but didn't buy anything.

I wasn't home long when I had to close all the blinds in the house as the temperatures started to rise fast. We hit 107 today. Even Fred made quick work of his outside runs.

As I was watching the 4 pm news the weather man said we will not be getting any of the rain that was building on the south east side, well buddy what is that torrent going on outside. Yes it poured and it poured hard for at least 5 min. I live on the south west side of town.

Made some stuffed mushrooms tonight sure happy I have a toaster oven to cut out the use of the oven.

Good Night All


  1. I can feel the heat just reading your post. We have 60's and 70's for the next 5 days, and I welcome it.

  2. I love the cloud cover this morning, hope it stays most of the day. Jim has an appt in Las Cruces with his prostate cancer doc. He uses oxygen and wheelchair and this heat doesn't make it easy for me to get him there. Stay cool.

  3. Glad you got some rain, it probably cooled it down some...I use my toaster oven a lot too and it uses less electricity! I haven't bought any new clothes for yrs! I just keep making do with what I have.

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I have been closing all the blinds in house around 11 am I really don't like the cave thing but if it helps I that's what I will do

    Hi Emily,

    The clouds will help some. I bet it is a struggle to get Jim around. Do they have those handi car things that come and pick up the person and bring them back home? They have that here but I don't know how far they take a person.

    Hi Sondra,

    By time I looked outside the rain had all dried up and it was only about 10 min. later. The clothes were for the twins birthday. But I did have to break down and buy some new capris a few weeks ago. And I hit the Family Dollar store for a couple t-shirts. Mine are fraying something awful. Yes they are that old.