Friday, July 28, 2017

A Little Drying, Very Little

Finally was able to get together with my good friend Lucy, for lunch on Wed. It sure was good seeing her looking so well again. We went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant and spent a good hour there. We just hadn't finished catching up yet. We decided to go check out the new Tractor Supply across the road. Well they still aren't opened. We just didn't know where else to go. Checked a few parking lots looking to see what was around and couldn't come up with anything. Then I said lets go to Lowe's, so we did. Walked around checking out new cabinets and paints. We got tired so I said lets go sit at the patio section. Sat in these chairs and wow they sure were the most comfortable chairs I had ever sat on. We spent an hour just sitting there catching up. I was hoping they might offer us a lemonade or something. I finally thought to look at the price of the chair, it was $500. and I don't know if that included the cushion but at that price I'm sure they did and the cushions are what made the chair so comfy.

After the big storms of last week it was nice to have a couple days relief. My grandson was going to come a shovel the gravel back into the yard but he got a job which is much more important than shoveling gravel. But my daughter Debbie came and she did it for me. We gathered up some river rock and lined the edge so hopefully it will keep the gravel from washing out. I need to find more to strengthen the line better.

We had a storm roll in late this afternoon but the rain wasn't all that hard but it sure did thunder pretty good. Weather is calling for more rain now every day again.

My little ornament there was washed down a bit as it was closer to the house. This was after the huge rain storm of Sunday last

Moved the ornament back further. But I haven't taken pictures of the repair yet

Good Night All


  1. It seems all the comfortable chairs have high Price Tags these days.
    That's a nice looking Pagoda, can't understand why the water targets its location to start the Erosion.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Thank you I have had the Pagoda for many years it doesn't light anymore. The one time neighbor crushed the drainage I had it fixed and he ran over it again and believe me it was no accident he had a problem. So now the drains from the roof are also broken and the yard has the slant, there are pavers to the street and the water gets hung up on one of then and there goes the water. I'm hoping we have figured that out now to get all the drainage fixed from the spouts to the street again. It's always something.

  3. You've really had some strong rains, maybe the reservoirs will be filling up again. Erosion is a major problem here on the steep hillsides with sparse vegetation. The river rock is a great idea.

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Yes this monsoon has been crazy and it just started. Should bring us out of a near drought this year. I bet erosion is a big problem there the deck looks to be very close to the edge? But what a view

  5. I can't believe how much the price of outdoor furniture has gone up in just a couple of years. I'm priced right out of the market, for sure.

  6. The chairs sound wonderful but I'm also shocked at the price of furniture - indoor or outdoor! We have a Tractor Supply store in Cedar Rapids. It's a cool store!

    I like the little pagoda. As far as the rains, we've gotten a lot of storms like that too this year. How long does the monsoon season last there?

  7. Hi Gypsy,
    It's crazy the way prices have gone up even the plastic chairs have gone up but are still affordable. Quite a few years ago when Target was still cheap and a nicer place to shop I picked up 2 fake wicker chairs for $35. wish I would have bought 2 more. But if you want a nice cushion forget it.

    Hi Brad,

    Yes the prices are crazy glad I don't need any house furniture for sure. There was a Tractor Supply store up in Show Low, AZ., we would go and wander around for hours when the weather wasn't playing nice. Can't wait for it to open give me something else to do these days. The monsoons can last until Sept. but hopefully they will die down some.

    I think I got that pagoda in Costco years ago it used to light but the cells are burned up or maybe it needs batteries.

  8. I hear you. We've been looking for one of those tall tables with chairs for the back porch. The cost... OUCH! and that is with only 2 chairs. We want four.

  9. Hi Phyllis,

    Maybe at a yard sale you might be able to find something. If someone is moving out of state they don't want to drag that stuff with them.