Monday, July 24, 2017

But It's A Dry Heat?

Yes we always need rain in the desert but there comes a time when enough is enough. There has been some major flooding just about everywhere in Tucson. I hadn't been out since the really big one that started Friday night, but did go out Sunday with my daughter. Lots of washed out roads and lots of dirt and rocks from the fast moving water all over the roads. It has been raining for almost 2 weeks but these couple days have been really wild around my area.

I started this post Sunday but then lost Internet due to the rain that you see in the video, is hope it works  which really gave me heck trying to load for this post. 
And it loaded at the top of this post so I had to cut and paste which has caused the post to line up properly and I will just let it do what ever it wants just so I can finish and post.
We had a great breakfast with my daughter and my grandson and his girl Christian, as an added bonus they had their godson which is my great grandson. For a 2 yr old he was so well behaved and it was a pleasure to have him with us at breakfast. I have to give his parents a big thank you for raising such well behaved children. Armani is the other half of the twins, and they also have and older child. And his godparents also do a good a job with him also.
Tracy and I had other plans for after breakfast but they kind of  had to be changed as I was pumping gas Tracy got a call from Aliya that she needed a ride home from work. So off we went to pick her up, but she had to sit in the back of the camper since my truck is only a 2 seat. But she did fine since there are plenty of pillows and cushioned things to be comfy. we opened the 2 middle windows and she said she could feel the cool air from the cab.
With that in mind of someone having to sit back there I thought maybe buying a pool noodle it can be pushed between the cab and camper to keep more cool air going straight back there and keeping the fumes out of both places. Cracking open one of the side windows to also help pull the air through a little more.

Have A Great Day


  1. I've been trying to watch the news down in AZ and the weather has really been scary. Up here we aren't having rain but lots of fires.

  2. Wow that rain looked violent for sure in the video! We had a blowing hard rain Saturday probably the same system! Good idea on the noodle.

  3. I wouldn't mind a downpour but not with a lot of wind. We can't ask for the weather we would like though!

  4. Hi Sandie, They showed a video of AJ on the news tonight it was bad. we had a litle more rain today, but they are saying it will be dry for a few days. We sure need it to dry out.

    Hi Sondra,

    It was and the ground is just so full now. the water in my yard finally went down and Fred was able to go out and wonder around. But what a mess and I will have to call some one to come and shovel the gravel out of the street and do a little maintenance in the front to keep this from happening again.

    Hi Gypsy,
    This is more than a down pour this was crazy rain that has been going on for days which caused so much flooding and damage all over town. But your right we can't ask for the weather we want.