Friday, August 11, 2017

The Crazy

A fellow blogger, from, my life my art my journey has been doing lots of traveling this year and started a life count of birds she has seen. Sondra is well into the 400 range now. I promised I would post a picture of a Tit Mouse that we have here in the higher elevations. Of course it doesn't count because its just a picture. I love these little birds and they can keep me amused for quite some time when up in the mountains. I hope Sondra can come this way sometime I think camping and exploring with her would be fun.

Now this first bird is not the Tit Mouse and maybe Sondra can ID it for me the picture is terrible because he wouldn't stay in one spot. This picture was taken in Sedona I believe it is a Summer Tanager

Here is the little Tit Mouse bathing at the run off from the water spicket  early in the morning at Madera Canyon

Can I have some privacy please 

Had some crazy weather come through the east side of town yesterday. They call them micro bursts and one ripped up huge trees smashing into apt. buildings. 2 people had to be rescued but were not injured but they were trapped in the building. 2 buildings may be torn down .  We had dark clouds and some wind on this side of town and some rain.

I have been trying some new vegetable recipes so if they look good I will take pictures and post.

Have a Great Day


  1. OH thank you for the bird photos...I can def see the bridled titmouse is having a wonderful bath, I'd give my eye tooth to see one in RL, and I just can't make out what the top bird is, as you say they never stand still...and this time of year with all the young ones and the adults in molt it's even harder, very well could be a summer tanager. I would love to set up camp in AZ some time and when I do we will def get together!!It's been about 6 yrs since I visited AZ. OMG glad no one was injured with the tree fall, I experienced one of those micro bursts, and it sent one of the rocking chairs into motion like a sled racing on Ice across the deck!!

  2. I love to watch the birds although I don't see many of them from where I live now. NC was a great bird watching place and I became familiar with so many different kinds - all just about forgotten now.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    The first bird was taken a few years ago and I wonder if it was also my older camera. I want so bad to go to Madera but it is still to hot up there and the storms are pretty wicked up there also. these past few days I have been really wanting out of doors time.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes NC has lots of beautiful birds I believe Sondra did a trip out that way a few months ago.