Monday, September 11, 2017

I Can't Believe

Seems like summer wants to still hang on around here. But you know I really can't complain when there is so many terrible weather related things going on everywhere. From hurricanes, terrible fires do to no rain and earthquakes which are not weather related but horrible just the same. 

And today we have the sorrow of remembering a terrible time of terrorists in our country. May all rest in peace who died and those who died trying to save others and maybe we never forget them.

I have been busy cleaning out cabinets again and I think I am finally finished. Now to take it to the donation center. I'm so happy to get this done.

And I bit the bullet and changed my phone service. I went with Metro PC as my daughter had an offer and the phone was free. I had been having lots of trouble with my phone ever since the guy from Centry Link added it to my phone. No matter what we did we could not get it to work right again. The guy at Walmart said it probably got a virus because of the Centry Link. I had received a email from Straight talk letting me know I qualified for an up grade. when I called I was told no and to disregard the emails. After being with them for so many years and never getting anything I was not happy about this. So I made the decision to move on. This phone even has a hot spot and the bill is less than half of what I was paying. But oh man learning all this new stuff blows my mind. I am not tech savvy at all.

How  about a few more pictures

I have never seen fruits like this on a century plant before

I had a heck of a time snapping this guy and also the focus wasn't working all that well either

These berry's are not eatable 

Good Night All


  1. We are supposed to get some rain and possibly snow in the higher elevations. I sure hope so cause that will really help the firefighters. Today is going to be 93 and by Friday only 51. Strange. I hate learning this new technology also. I need a new computer but I keep putting it off for that reason.

  2. Hi Sandie,

    I sure hope the snows come too. This crazy weather stuff I tell you, it was 103 here today but keep telling myself it's something we can deal with compared to the other problems people are suffering from right now. I need to take my new laptop in for a check up before my warranty is over it is so slow.

  3. The weather is def changing I don't care what the stupid politicians say! There may be no changing lady on my blog list got back to her house today it was flooded in TX she sure has a mess to deal with. My son said my house is okay no damage from the hurricane thank goodness.

    1. Hi Sondra,

      Yes the weather is changing we are still in triple digits here and they keep saying it looks like we will cool down. Really When?
      The flooding in TX and Fl is really bad and all those people on the Islands are in a horrible state. I glad your place is OK

  4. Three hurricanes and the earthquake that hit Mexico really give one food for thought about their causes.

    Here in West Texas we are in for three digit temperatures starting tomorrow :(

    I have MetroPCS and find their hotspot very useful in powering my tablet when we are out of town. They are affordable and most importantly one is not tied down to a two year contract.

    1. Hi MsBelinda,
      Yes it's time to stand up and take notice something is not right in the world.

      I thought I would never leave Straight Talk but when your with a company for 7 yrs and they don't offer anything special then it's time to move on. All my kids use Metro PC and are all very happy with the service so I went with it.

  5. Hi Jo! The weather is definitely strange. Here in Iowa we are going back up to the 90 degree mark today - but just in the air temp. The sun is too far away to heat up the buildings and ground very much. It feels odd.

    I love the pictures! I've got the same problem with my camera - it doesn't always want to focus.

    Take care!

  6. Hi Brad,
    They say it's going to cool down in the next week looks like the mid to upper 90's I'll take that and up at Madera Canyon it should be really nice so maybe I'll take a change and go up in the camper.
    Glad you enjoyed all the pictures for all the 4 posts.

  7. Hi Jo! I think it's been a strange summer for the whole country. Feel terrible for the people in the paths of fire and hurricanes. I got wind, but nothing compared to what they predicted. Other places are leveled.

    Let's hope for a more normal winter (although I've forgotten what normal is) and that everyone stays safe and healthy. Love to Fred.