Thursday, October 19, 2017

Moving Along

The weather is not being very nice around here. We are in the mid 90's and some days the wind is awful. But at least it isn't in the triple digits and for that I am grateful.

Been doing more house stuff and packing more things for donations. I did get rid of a lot more things today to go to one of my grandsons. That was 3 bag haul out and on to my daughter. Now to put the other 2 bags in the truck and haul them off to the donation center. I have more to wrap up and take that off too. Why doesn't it look like I have gotten rid of anything? Well it shows in the cabinets much more room there.

I had thought that the printer was bad now I don't know. I set up the other one and it printed a few things really well then not so good again. I believe the problem is the black in cartridge I bought at Office Max it was their brand. I will go to Walmart tomorrow and get a real Kodak cartridge there and see how it goes. How can 2 printers have the same exact problem.

Today I had lunch with my daughter Debbie and her granddaughter Miliany, she is a very active little one. I was tired just from watching her on her quest to figure out how things work. She definitely  is half Italian as she is very loud. LOL

I had gotten a recipe from Brad of the blog Van Trekker.
He called them Crab Empenada. I did cut the recipe in half and I still was only able to eat half of one and still have another one.

They didn't come out as pretty as Brad's but they were Delicious! Thank You Brad 
I used 8 oz. veggie cream cheese
maybe about 4 oz of crab meat chopped in small pieces
1/2 tsp diced garlic
pinch of sugar
splash of Soy Sauce less salt
Used  pie dough
once it was filled and sealed I spread egg on the dough and baked at 375 for 25 min.

Good Night All


  1. It always feels good to free up space in one's life! That crab pastry looks good! I have been out of printer ink so long I go to the library it's easier than ordering ink!

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Packed up another box today it really does feel good. The crab pastry is wonderful and very rich and filling. I'm going to try one more time with the ink and see what happens

  3. Oh I do remember when visiting Arizona how the wind blew. And isn't Air conditioning a lovely thing!

  4. Hi Phyllis,

    It has calmed down for now thank goodness. An OH yes love my A/C