Monday, October 16, 2017

OH The Wind

Friday, the machines showed up and the washer is different from the what I ordered and no amount of going over this mess fixed the problem. Sooo I have a new washer that I can barely reach to the bottom and will have to use a grabber to get out the clothes from the bottom. I vowed right in the store to never buy from Lowe's again. As this is the second time things have not gone well. And the guys destroyed my stair way trim, which will now cost me more money to have it replaced as it is a real trip hazard. And I have sent a complaint to Lowe's lets see what they do about it.

But is sure was good to be able to get all the clothes washed before I had to start taking them out of the camper. I washed 16 T shirts besides all the other clothing, sheets and towels.

I figured now maybe just maybe I can get a camping trip in this week. And then the winds started up really hard again. There are more fires going through Sierra Vista and homes have been lost. I feel for all those poor people in CA. and now here again too. I haven't heard about the fire up in Flagstaff yet that was started by lightening. I don't know what started the one in Sierra Vista guess I'll find out on the 10 pm news. I'm sure the wind had quite a helping hand is spreading the fire so quickly. Guess I'll just wait and see what happens by Wed. I'll get everything together and just in case it's a go. 

Good Night All


  1. Oh no, sorry the machine is not what you wanted. Nothing is made like the good ole days..or so it seems. High winds def had something to do with all the fire I read the one in CA may have been started by electric transformers exploding. Hope you get a chance to get away...

  2. I don't like top loading washers cause I can't reach either. But we go to the laundromat which are all front loading and I'm good to go. We are still "working with" camping world to get our oven fixed in our new trailer. Good luck with Lowes.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    No nothing is made the same. My last washer lasted 20 yrs and never had to be serviced is all that time. I didn't see anything about the fires here but they did say they are starting to get control on the CA fires so many lives lost there.

    Hi Sandie,

    I couldn't afford a front loader and the guy who fixes things around my house said they really jump around in manufactured homes. I'm counting on Lowe's as I still have not heard one word. Almost as bad as your deal with camping world. Wishing you get somewhere either a new oven or this one gets fixed. Customers mean nothing until they haven't any business left like so many other big name stores.