Friday, May 18, 2018

Weather, Fire and Me Updates

The weather has cooled down to the mid 90's for a few days then  will go back up again and of course the wind is going to continue to be a problem. So far the mornings are still beautiful and windows and doors are open and fans running to clean up the air in the house. But it does warm up quickly around 9:30 am.

There are lots of fires around once again. Even down here in the low lands. Most of them are human caused. People throwing cigarettes out the car window and a new one they showed on the news are tow chains that drag on the road throwing sparks. Broken glass that the sun beats down on. And of course the fools who don't put out campfires that are at this time not legal. Folks who don't keep a clean yard have caused neighbors to lose their homes as well as their own. I am about to complain to Pima County about the house they own next to me about the yard being full of dead weeds falling branches and just garbage in general. I don't understand how they think they can sell this place in the filthy condition its in on the inside and outside.

Have been cooking lots of new recipes for vegetable dishes and they all have been very good. I keep lots of vegetable soup on had and using barely. I cook the barely separate and then add about 1/4 cup to the bowl as I heat it up. My sugar levels are in the normal range  since I started eating this way. 

I think today I am going to see about buying a sewing machine, nothing expensive as I don't know how much use I will get out of it and I am no seamstress by any means but I do have things I want to make. I hope maybe I can find one used.

I guess that's about all I have for now and maybe I'll dig through some pictures of old trips I took for another post.

Have a great day


  1. So sad about all the fires by careless people.
    Glad you are doing well, and eating healthy does make a difference.

  2. Hi George,

    And it is ever year the same problems sad. And thank you I'm really trying and it seems to be working

  3. On the computer for the first time in a long time and just had to stop in to see my friends Jo and Fred. Sorry about the fire--people are definitely the enemy in dry weather. I get a kick out of you--seems you can do anything and now you're going to sew! Good for you. I LOVE the picture of that darling cabin at the top.

    Sorry I don't write often. My get up and go just doesn't seem to want to get up and go--actually, it can't, but I have no excuse for not checking into see what my favorite bloggers are doing. Keep on Keepin' on, Jo.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Good to see you here. Well I really can't do anything but since it doesn't look like I am going anywhere again this year I need to find things to keep me busy. I have a few projects I want to do but after there done who knows if I will sew again for a long time. But maybe the big will me to continue.

    I'm sorry you are not doing well. I hope things improve some and you feel like blogging or showing up more often. Of course I don't blog much since I'm not doing anything in the camping world these days. You take care Nancy.

  5. One of my best friends from HS lives in Tombstone. She has remarked about the dry weather and threats of fire.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes it is very dry everywhere and combined with the heavy winds it sure is dangerous. I hope we get a good monsoon season.