Friday, July 20, 2018

Drying Out Heat Up

The rains are slowing down and the humidity is starting to drop and the heat is on the rise back into triple digits, by mid week there is a heat warning looking at a possible 110. But maybe I will be able to open the windows and door early in the mornings in a couple of days. 

Have to start watering my plant again and filling the bird watering dishes.

I took some pictures of a storm coming in but it never happened

Looking southwest

Not much else going on just trying to get errands run early in the morning before the storms hit and now it will be to beat the heat. That's life in the desert.

Have a Great Day


  1. Here we are still in a high humidity cycle...and some scattered rain, I'm like you get my yard work done as early as possible! July is nearly over so fall is getting closer every day!

  2. Summer in AZ really makes you appreciate Fall when it finally arrives.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    Monsoons are not over just calmed down for bit in this area. other areas are still getting lots of rain and hale causing lots of damage. We will be lucky if we cool down by mid Oct.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes it sure does, I love winter in the desert and that's about all I love about it.

  4. At least you have gotten some good rain. We usually do not get a bit of cool weather until late October or early November...and that is a LONG time away :-(

  5. Nice that you did get the rains, but with the heat back again, not so much fun, keep cool.

  6. Hi MsBelinda,

    Yes it was good to get some rain. It will return from the looks of next weeks forecast. But the heat is on big time once again. October and November are our cool down time too.

    Hi George,

    We really needed the rain and we need lots more. Maybe the mornings will be nice enough to enjoy a bit of porch time before the heat turns up by 9 am

  7. Desert storm can be beautiful. Lord, I feel sorry for you looking toward 110 degrees (although it's dry, isn't that what they say?). Glad you are doing well. Nothing going on here, either.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    I will get out very early if I need to run errands like about 7:30 am so I can lock myself in my cave. They say the rains will come back end of week so that will make it worse when the humidity raises it's head. So glad I have A/C feel sorry for the people who only have swamp coolers