Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Done And Done In

Monday, I ran to the Family Dollar Store to see about some small curtain rods so I could get a move on with  making the curtains and getting them hung up. I was surprised to see they also had the paper shades. They didn't have the rods I was looking for but they did have the tension rods. I knew I didn't want the curtains to go on the inside of the windows as that is where the paper shades go. The only problem with the tension rods is they don't have brackets. So I put on my thinking cap and headed to the hardware section and yes they had cup hooks. I grabbed a pack and a box cutter and back to grab 4 curtain rods. Yes the cup hooks would work  they were the perfect size.

Tuesday, I went with a friend to Bed, Bath and Beyond and after looking a several colors, I, did settle on a deep purple so grabbed up what I needed and even found the rugs to match. As we walked around the store I spotted a comforter set at a really good price so grabbed that too. Then we headed off to lunch and talked till we realized they were waiting for us to leave so they could close haha. Didn't know they closed after lunch.

So today was the big push to get done. I pulled out the iron and ironing board. I had to iron the material around the edges so I could sew the pocket for the rod. The material had already been sewn around the edges so that was nice. It took me no time at all to whip up the curtains. I put the hooks up and pulled the rubber ends off the rods so I could slide the rod into the hooks and put the rubber tips back on. Walla! Next thing I need is to get new light fixtures but for the most part that room is done. 

 One of my friends made me  a horse shoe towel holder and I put it to the left of the sunburst and a little higher up for the big bath sheet 

Anthony, said he is free tomorrow and Friday so we will get the bedroom done or at least started. That's if he wakes up  early enough as he is doing a grave yard shift tonight and if I can even move in the morning as I am pretty done in from all the running this week and then the work today

Good Night All


  1. It is all coming together very nicely and keeping you pretty busy as well.

  2. Lookin' good. Jim is trying to figure out how to cover our bathroom skylight for the summer. The sun just pours in there so we have hot to do something soon. Starting to warm up around here.

  3. Hi George,
    Thank you I'm so happy with this redo it has been long over due and it sure is keeping me going which is much needed.

    Hi Sandie,

    The solution is pillow you can buy them for those sky lights or just a cheap pillow. Also you can put a piece of reflex up first to reflect the heat away. I had that problem in my trailer in the mountains even though it had a shade it still put out the heat, once I covered it with foam board from the art supply section at Walmart that helped. But down in the valley it wouldn't be enough. Good Luck

  4. It turned out very nicely JO. I like how you think outside the box and used cup hooks.

    I also like the solution you gave Sandie for using a pillow and foam board to block the heat on the skylite.

    Now relax and enjoy you deserve it.

  5. It looks awesome...I like the color combination very much! I know you are going to enjoy the soothing colors. I really need a new rug in my bath but I can't find one that fits into my color scheme and Im not gonna change the whole room so I look every where I go meanwhile Im still using that shabby old rug!!

  6. Hi MsBelinda,
    Thank you.

    Don't know f Sandie will see my tip sometimes people don't come back to see answers. The heat can really come through those skylites.

    Hi Sondra,

    I love the colors and yes so soothing. The bedroom is half way done now. and found light fixtures today on clearance. They didn't have the size blinds I needed so I went with the paper shades. Of course if they had the blinds I wouldn't have been able to buy the lights. Sometimes find the right color to match what is already there can be a problem. I washed all the old towels and rugs and gave them to Anthony, plus a few more that I had and not using he was thrill to have them. And the old blinds we took down fit his bedroom window another gonga for him.