Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blocking Out The Heat

I have really stepped up the bike since I decided to read while peddling. I did a little over 3 miles and am up to 30 min. also pushed the Resistance up to 4. The first time I did the 30 min. my legs felt like jelly for a little bit. So did some stretches and bends and I was fine.

Of course the triple digits are here and I knew I had to do something about the west side of the house. I did buy the foam art board, some black out curtains and rods. I cut the art board to fit the bathroom window and put it right against the glass so it is behind the shade and curtain. Yes it made a difference. I was going to have the handy man put up the rods for me and the new door knobs. I waited for him Friday and didn't hear so I called him thinking he forgot or was stuck on another job. He had been bitten by a dog last week and I guess he let it go. He said he was at the VA to have it looked at, the next day they put him in the hospital. Don't have all the details he will call me tomorrow.

So with the triple digits I knew I had to get those curtains up. I had to move the dresser away from the wall a few inches to let the curtains drop down. This furniture is old but beautiful and it weights a ton. But I managed to get it moved. Got the brackets up and then managed to get the curtains up. Next was the window behind the bed, I took a good rest and caught my breath and got back to work. I had to move the nightstands which are pretty heavy to. But I got the job done and was really happy about it. Yes it made a difference with the heat. 

And no bike riding that day LOL.

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and we will go out to dinner we will have salads that a Mexican Restaurant makes it is so good and lots of veggies.

Good Night All!


  1. I am seriously in envy of you and your bike routine...good for you!

    I recall you giving advice to one of your readers about using foam art board and a pillow to negate the affects of their sky light. I think that was excellent advice.

    I hope your handyman gets well soon. There is nothing fun about getting bitten by a dog.

    In Texas it is 12:46 a.m. so wish your daughter a very happy birthday.

  2. Anythings to keep the heat will help., Hope the handyman gets well soon.

  3. Good for you on tackling the job did it and saved money not having to pay a handyman. (best wishes to him on a quick recovery) The western side of my house gets blasted too since one of our big trees lost it's top in a wind storm about 3 yrs ago. Stay cool and keep up the good work.

  4. Hoping your Handyman has a speedy recovery.
    Nice you were able to do things for yourself. It may have taken longer but it saved you some money. Now you'll keep cooler.
    Glad you are sticking to the Bicycle. Eventually you can make it a daily routine.
    Be safe and Enjoy your daughter's Birthday.

    It's about time.

    1. Hoping he gets well soon too he's such a great guy.

      My bike riding is a daily event but the day I did all that I didn't think I should push it to far.
      Daughter and I will have a wonderful evening thank you she is very special to me, both my girls are

  5. Hi MsBelinda,
    I'm really sticking with this bike I found it has also helped my sciatic problem which I am really greatful for.

    The foam board made a big difference.
    Thank you for birthday wishes for my daughter I will pass it on.

    Hi George,
    Seems to be working so far, it will go up to 107 by Wed that will be the big test. If more is needed I will buy regular insulation.

    Hi Sondra,

    When you have to do something bad enough you make yourself get it done. I just did it slow and easy. Moving the furniture was the tough part. But I got it done and I am so happy. Thank your good thoughts.

  6. I am so proud of the gumption that you display in tackling projects and problems. As they say "where there is will, there is a way." I try that "way" myself, although it often doesn't turn out very pretty or permanently workable.

    I haven't tried the art foam in the windows but use Reflectix instead. Am going to remember that as it may be a less expensive way to block.

    Well, today it is suppose to be on and off rain. Sure will beat the 106ยบ yesterday and the day before but then back up again Tuesday. And your gumption is showing in your stick-to-iveness on the bike.

  7. Just thinking about that heat makes me sweat. Riding the bike would really push that limit! Go going Jo.

  8. Hi Emily,

    Well I had to do something my bills last summer were staggering. The art board was .88 and it is a pretty good size. If the curtain in the room arent enough then I will buy some reflectix for the big window in my room.
    I used to do lots of repairs until I had the back injury about 4 years ago then something else set me back so I just wasn't able to do anything. But I needed to get this done and with no one to help I bit the bullet. I think the bike is helping me to gain some strength back also. I have seen some things you have done and they turned out really nice. Yes the heat is on ugh.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes we hit 103 today but I was OK in my house. Then my daughter came and I took her out to dinner but it was from one a/c source to another.

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