Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Battery Troubles

Sat. as Tracy and I were getting ready to leave for lunch the truck wouldn't start. So Tracy pulled in and with a little trouble we got it started and I drove right to O' Reilly's Auto Parts where I purchased this battery just 1 yr ago this month. You could tell this kid was not into his job at all. He did test the battery and said it was fine but needed to be charged. Well to cut this story short because retelling it makes me angry all over again. We got lucky and we finished out our day. I backed in again as I have been doing that now since it's easier to see as I am coming out of the driveway. Before I went to bed I went out and the truck started up. Well Sunday morning a no go. I had a feeling the trouble  was due to the deep cycle battery in the back of the truck. So I called my mechanic yesterday to tell him my thoughts. He said his guy who does the electrical stuff would be in today being Tue. and try to make it by 8 am. So I rounded up my buddy Mark and he finally was able to get the truck going and I headed right over to Motor Works. I didn't even shut the truck off since I knew it wouldn't start again. Well I was right the deep cycle battery had a dead cell and it kept draining the truck battery. They totally disconnected all the wires and charged the battery in the truck. They said nothing else was draining the battery and all was well. So I have been hearing a lot of good things about Jackery it is a little thing that can run quite a few things and lasts quite a while. it can be charged by a small solar panel or house current or the truck battery. Now to find out what wattage I need and then start saving up for it. I know the cheaper one does not have enough watts to run my little baby heater.

The weather has calmed down some and we are floating around in the 90's but the humidity is still high and now we are looking at getting some of the remnant's of tropical Loraina  or what ever it's called. But I think by next month I may be able to get in a camping trip.

Good Night All


  1. Glad that you solved the battery issue finally , would have been frustrating. The Jackery sounds like a perfect solution.

  2. I hate it when I have car issues. Kudos to you for knowing where the problem generated from.

    The Jackery sounds promising will be following along to see how it works for you once you purchase it.

  3. Im glad you were able to track down the problem, nothing is more exasperating than a vehicle that won't start. I've heard lots of good things about the Jackery from out buddy Chrome.

  4. Hi George,
    I'm happy it was resolved finally.

    Hi MsBelinda,
    Really it was a mess but it is fixed now.
    The Jackery can get expensive the higher the watts so it may take me awhile to get one.

    Hi Sondra,

    I heard about the Jackery also from Chrome. I wish he would answer questions I need to know which size I need. I will have to go back and read up on them again.

  5. I am interested in the Jackery also. Be interested in what you learn. I am leaning toward fixing out the back of my truck to make short trips in - I know the day will be coming when the trailer will be too much. Sob, sob. Lots of memories together.

  6. Ah, camping. I almost forget what it's like. Hope you have some fun trips soon.

  7. Hi Emily,

    It's hard to understand about the Jackery. I need to be able to talk to someone who knows more about them and what I can expect. The one I can barely afford doesn't allow for much. But when I do find out I will post about it. Have you used your trailer much lately?

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it's been a while for me too. The last camping trip I believe was in March for a 2 nighter with some friends close to home. Of course a camping trip next month will also be close by but in the mountains about 20 miles aways.

  8. No JO, haven't really used the trailer in quite a while. It's hard to get away for very long as Jim's health has been deteriorating for some time and now that he is in palliative care with Hospice it is even harder. I can get away for a few hours to see my docs in Las Cruces and that is about the extent.

  9. Sorry to hear about the battery woes. It's good to run the deep cycle separately. Hopefully all will work better for you going forward. I'll have to look into the Jackery thing. It sounds pretty handy!