Friday, November 8, 2019

Checking In

Hasn't been anything to post. 

We had a nice cold spell, then it turned hot again. Next week looks good. I hate to even say maybe I will go camping because it just never happens for one reason or another.

Just the usual shopping, laundry, some cooking.

Today my daughter and  I did our lunch and hit Walmart while we waited for them to do an oil change which we thought would be done by time we finished lunch. They never did it because they didn't know how to open the hood!! So she showed them and explained to them about how to close the hood so it wouldn't fly open. And off we went off to Walmart. I picked up 2 new tops and a Christmas tree. This one is only about 4 ft. tall they get smaller all the time. LOL  I will post the other tree on Market place. It's a beautiful tree but that snow on it makes such a mess and I'm sure it isn't good for my breathing. We realized my tree topper isn't going to work anymore since it is way to big for the tree. Maybe just make a bow for it or I may have an old one in the tote. 

And when we went back to see about the car they had finished but didn't even close the hood right. She won't be going back there ever again. And this is a big chain place not some shade tree mechanic.

So that's it for the big excitement since my last post.

Good Night All


  1. JO, I sincerely hope you get to go on your camping trip. Crossing my fingers that nothing prevents you from doing so this time around.

  2. If you have everything ready chances are you will go camping on the spur of a moment decision.
    Glad you checked in. It's nice knowing you are Safe and Sound.
    Enjoy the cooler weather but watch out for the Arctic Blast the weather guessers are forecasting.

    It's about time.

  3. Hi MsBelinda,

    Thanks I hope so to.

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Thats my thought to. Even leave the cooler in the truck now so all I have to do is put the frozen stuff in it and drive off.
    Haven't heard of this Arctic Blast

  4. Hi Jo! I know you'll get to camp. I did it last week. You will know when the time is right and enjoy it all the more! Sorry to hear about the mechanics messing up. They should know better. Take care! -- VT

  5. Hi Brad,

    The weather is looking good for a couple of more weeks so I should be able to get out soon.

    Yes you would think a mechanic would know how to open a hood for pete sake
    Take care Brad

  6. Hope this time it's a go and you have a wonderful time...Im going to be MIA for a while, so not much blogging gonna happen if I don't visit you will know why.

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