Saturday, November 30, 2019

What A Crazy Weather Change

I hope all who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day and ate way to much food. I chose to stay at home because the weather was supposed to be really awful.

The really awful didn't hit until very late night and winds howled and whistle. You could hear things flying around and banging. The wind blew so hard it would turn on my motion detector light. The rain was so loud it sounded like a freight train. I knew my shade slats were really banging and I figured something had come apart. I went out once it was light enough to see and sure enough one slat and ripped off the bracket and was bent in half. I found some heavy duty twine and pulled it back into place and tied it down. The top of the bracket and completely been ripped out of the frame. I couldn't reach that high and sure wasn't going to drag the ladder around the house and I doubt I would even reach then. 

It continued to pour until around 11 am. but remained dark and cloudy with a few drizzels in between. I put my DVD of the fire place on with it's crackling fire. Was so comfortable and cozy.  

Today I called Mark the maintenance guy and he re attached the bracket to the main frame. 

Forecast for this coming week is more rain. Hope to finish my shopping by Monday.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like you had some pretty severe weather. At least you have a trusted repair person to come to your aid.

    Hope the rains keep the temperatures cool so you can finish your Christmas shopping.

  2. Had nice one with daughter coming from Kansas to spend the week along with son from Socorro. Yes ate too much. Was very hard to say goodby, especially asking ourselves if this will be the last Thanksgiving all 4 of us (their dad the 4th) will be together. Rained for 2 days. Last year only had 0.04" of rain the whole month and this year we had 3-1/4" of rain for November. We even woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground. Haven't had snow for 2 years here. Am having one of those radioactive iodine checks this week, on my thyroid as there is something stuck to it and oncologist is going thru the whole enchilida of tests.

    1. I wish you the very best, and hope you have good health in the coming December and 2020 (and beyond).

  3. Glad you are Safe and didn't have too much damage from the storm. Your area was hit quite hard.
    Enjoy your shopping.

    It's about time.

  4. I do remember those Arizona winds when we traveled in the area. Never did get caught in the rainy season. We did have a bit of snow once when near Benson.

  5. Hi MsBelinda,

    It was a little intense for a while with the wind. But PHX got hit even harder.
    My shopping is just about done and I haven't been in store yet besides the grocery store where I picked up a couple gift cards, the rest has been done online. Hope to finish on Tue.

    Hi Emily,

    Glad you had a nice gathering with family, Sorry to hear one member isn't doing so well. Hope all your test come out well for you.

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Yes glad the damage was not much and was fixed in 15min.

  6. HI Jo, sorry about all the bad weather and the damage but it's all fixed so that is good! We have on and off rain these days so today was some of both. I def ate too much on Thanksgiving!!

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    I think we are now done with most of that front that came through just more rain on Wed. Thank You

    Hi Sondra,

    It was wild for a few hours but luckily it wasn't really bad but if we would of had anymore wind before the repair it could have been much worse.
    I guess by staying home for Thanksgiving I didn't over eat but I ate well

  8. Hi Jo! I understand about the weather. I'm looking out the window right now as the motion light goes off and on. In Iowa we had fog, rain, and snow today... and a 30 degree temperature drop. It makes the light go crazy.

    I hear you about eating lots of food for Thanksgiving. That was the case here, too! :)

    Hope the weather gets better!

  9. Hi Brad,

    Motions lights can be a good thing then a bad thing. At least we haven't had any snow.

    I didn't eat to much as I stayed home so I did good. LOL I guess staying home make it like any other day of eating.