Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Want to wish everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I don't make resolutions I think they are a waste of time LOL. It's just time to build a healthier and stronger life for myself so I will do my best.


You may be sober but not the next guy or gal driving.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, I wish you all the best for 2020.
    I don't usually make resolutions for the new year, but this time I'm making an exception. I resolve to be a better and nicer person in 2020. May the coming year be good for all of us.

  2. Happy New Year Jo. I don't make resolutions either. They wouldn't last two days if I did. Waste of time. Lol Hope 2020 brings you some camping trips and good health.

  3. Hi Gypsy,
    I also wish you the best in 2020! I guess I should also resolve to be better and nicer person that is a good resolution.

    Hi Sandie,
    Happy New Year to you and Jim and may it continue to bring you both better health this new year.

  4. The last New Year's Resolution I made (back in the late 1980's) was the only one I ever kept... I resolved to never make another New Year's Resolution!

  5. Haven't made a Resolution in over Fifty Years.
    Wishing you and your entire Family a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year.

    It's about time.

  6. Hi Connie,

    Welcome to my Blog, I will have to look into yours
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Resolutions are a waste of time. Happy New Year to you and Kathy and may it bring good health to you

  7. May you have a healthy and Happy New Year 2020!

    I have never made a single New Year Resolution in my life and at this point I don't intend on starting.

  8. Hi MsBelinda,

    And may you have a healthy and Happy New Year!

    Nope not going to make a resolutions I won't keep for a day LOL

  9. Hi Jo, hope yours was a good one, my cold went to the Flu so I've been in bed for days!

  10. Hi Sondra,

    It was quiet and I like it that way. Sorry to hear you have been sick, it's really bad this year and one of my grandson's got it really bad had to go to ER of course you sit there for hours and pick up more bad germs. Hope your feeling better. I better go get my shot

  11. HI Jo! I'm with you on the resolution thing. It's better to just keep working every day at making life better. I vowed to make things better a ways before the ball dropped. Have a great 2020!

  12. Hi Brad,

    That's the best we can do is work at it all the time.

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