Tuesday, July 28, 2020

No Furnace

This weather is a joke. We never saw temps below 98 and that was only 2 days then right back into the triple digits. It has been 109 for the past 3 days now. And looks like monsoons went somewhere else.

I did a big veggie order so I have been cooking. Problem is the freezer hasn't arrived yet and I never was able to get the stand set up. But tomorrow my grandson will come and take care of that. Maybe with any luck the freezer will show up while he's here.

I've started on a new throw for my granddaughter Aliya but at least I have until Nov. to finish it. If not for her birthday then maybe Christmas LOL.  But that gives me plenty of time.

Not much else going on around here. Still staying home and doing what I can to not go stir crazy. Maybe if it cools down a bit next week I will take a ride and find things to photograph. Sure miss doing that in the mountains but since I'm not going there I'll look around here.

Good Night All


  1. I think we had our one and only monsoon rain last Sun evening. I got almost 3 inches dumped on me in two hours. Over at Williamsburg, they got close to 4 inches and what a mess that made for them to clean up. The Rio Grande River overflowed its banks and the irrigation water, coming out of the lake for downstream use in Mexico and Texas, had to be shut off at the Elephant Butte Lake Dam. Fortunately, I live up on a high hill. We are going back up in the temperatures too. Groan. I should think about getting a little freezer for myself too. The work on my truck tent camping is coming along slowly. Heaven knows when I'll get to try some truck camping out. Stay cool this week.

  2. You are having a miserable summer. We are in the low 90s for highs but cool down to the low 60s at night so it's not too bad. Wish I could send you some cooler air. Maybe August will bring some monsoons.

  3. Taking a drive sounds great! When I'm driving around the Homeland I try to make it a mini-adventure. Sometimes I pretend I'm a tourist. It makes me looks at things a whole new way. I see things I never noticed before and it adds a little excitement to the trip.

  4. High Emily,
    Yes we had a really big rain here that lasted 2 days then nothing. And it is going to be around 113 this weekend. They showed on the new the water coming down the Santa Cruz and it was black from the fires on Mt. Lemon that side of the mountain is going to have lots of problems now because of the burn off ass and dead trees. I also live up on hill so all the water runs away from me too and I am on the other side of town so not near the where fire was.
    I hope you post some pictures of you project truck camper.But yes it probably wont be anytime soon to go camping with this stinkin heat.You try and stay cool too.

    Hi Sandie,
    Yes this is a nasty summer. It would be great if you could bottle up some of that nice cool air you have up there. We hope sure hope it comes soon more fires from lighting have started and of course idiot shooting guns.

    Hi Connie,
    I think the driving around might not happen from the heat they are predicting for this week and next 113 is no fun even in a/c. But yes making a tourist game of it would be fun.

  5. I'm complaining about 100F, and hope it doesn't climb to what some of you are experiencing! Be sure to stay hydrated!

  6. Oh my 109 degrees for three days in a row is terrible! I certainly hope you get some rains soon and that the fires do not start up again.

    Your grandson came back from Houston already? It would be nice for your freezer to be delivered when he is there so he can help you.

    Keep cool.

  7. Hi Gypsy,
    I have a huge insulated cup that I holds about 32oz I fill it around 11 am and refill it at least twice. I even drink about that much in the winter. I would love 100 degrees LOL

    Hi MsBelinda,

    I really need to make sure I am not here next summer but I have been saying that for 3 yrs now.

    No this was another grandson that came today he always comes and hangs out with me and fixes what he can. He had the shelf put together in 5 min. seems I had it upsided down LOL Looks like the freezer won't get here until Friday so he will come back. It's nice to have company and we have breakfast together. The one in TX almost cut his thumb off but he is still there and still working with it. It was such a bad cut

  8. Don't feel like the lone ranger I have been saying I want to spend my summers in Uruguay where it is current winter but a "mild type of winter".

    I am sorry to hear your grandson suffered a bad cut I hope he gets well soon.

  9. Hi MsBelinda,

    Sounds like a plan but yes it just never happens anymore.

    Thank you for the well wishes for my grandson it was a nasty jagged cut. BTW I have 7 grandsons LOL But some are not around here.

  10. Hi Jo, I got so sick after working out in the heat Im inside all week...I hope soon I will feel better who knows I may have covid but Im too sick to go be tested...I'm glad I had a lot of posts already scheduled to come out cause I did nothing since Monday night...Glad you got your shelf together it's good to have helpers I am not that lucky I don't want to be here next summer either!!

  11. Hi Sondra,

    Lets just say a prayer that you over heated yourself and it is taking a lot of time to recover. Over heating oneself can be very dangerous. Just lay low and stay cool. Keep me posted please