Monday, November 16, 2020

Glad Its Almost Over

 So glad elections are over and hopefully he will get the message that many of his followers had enough of him and the election was fair and legal. They don't like you anymore now go away quietly and stop making a fool of yourself. You lost by even a bigger margine after the recounts.

Now if the ads for medicare would go away that would be nice too.

The weather here has been up an down and this morning the heater came on but by late afternoon the cooler came on. We are at 89 F about 3pm and still may reach 90 before the week is over.

I'm am almost finished Christmas shopping only 3 more to go and they will be gift cards. I had to make a run to Walmart today for some personal items and beds for Fred. I was hoping to have curbside pick up but that just didn't work. I don't understand why pet beds are not included in curbpick up. But just as well as the item for me it said only one pkg left yet in the store they had many, and the dog bed would have had a shipping charge and the store had plenty I buy them 3 at time so I can stay out of the store. I checked on the gift cards but they didn't have the places I wanted so they will have to be bought in Safeway at later date. So with those items in my basket I was at the self check out which I really hate but I needed out and mask off.

I am now having some family for Thanksgiving so I ordered a turkey and a few other items and the others will bring some salads, mashed potatoes and a pie of their choice. I will bake a cake as it is Aliya's birthday on the 21st. 

I have been crocheting like a mad woman trying to finish the blanket I'm making for her, almost done but seems like it will never be done.

Good Night All


  1. It is the season for giving and he's giving us all a Pain. Problem is he's teaching his kids to be just like him.
    Congrats on have a small gathering for Thanksgiving and nearly being done with all the gifts.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Rick and Kathy,

    He is such a fool and so are kids they are just as arrogant and ignorants he is. It doesn't matter how much college degrees you have it doesn't stamp out ignorants. Our country has a long hard road to climb after the mess he has made.

    Yes we just decided to do Thanksgiving since there will only be 4 adults and 2 kids. The only one who works outside the home is my grandson and he wears a resperator since he is a painter. Kids are home schooled so we should be just fine.

  3. I know he did some good things while in office - like the animal abuse law. But he's such a jerk nobody is going to remember him for anything but a horrible, horrible president.

    It will just be Jim and I for Thanksgiving. A small turkey for Jim (turkey gives me gout) so I'm going to have chicken. Sure glad you can have family with you. Now if this stupid weather would stop being crazy.

  4. Hi Sandie,

    I didn't even remember the animal abuse law. And yes he will go down as the worst this country has every remembered as president. But I'm sure he will be just as proud of that since he is a MORON!

    Thanksgiving was a last minute thing, my daughter is always last minute and I had prepared to go it alone not a big deal for me. So while we are gathered for Thanksgiving with the her kids we are going to plan Christmas day!

  5. I'm glad it's over too. Now to make it to January 20. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week 😮 I don't have any plans, though.

  6. Hi Connie,

    Yes to make it to January 20. Thanksgiving sure came fast just snuck right up there. I was so hoping to go camping for it but that just didn't work out once again. Maybe after.

  7. It took so long for AZ to be called must have been torture...The Republican party under Trump has become Authoritarian line for line. That's way beyond RIGHT. I'm not much into the holiday mood,,,will def have a meal. hope yours goes really good for you and the family.

  8. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it was so dragged out but pretty much new we had the win. And MORON is still crying fixed. I think he needs to be put away somewhere the man has lost what little mind he had to start with. They say he is holding back the plan for Corona19 no he isn't because there isn't a plan period. I think he needs to be held accountable for all the deaths.

  9. The election may be over but he is still the Sore Loser-in-Charge. He is firing so many people and doing things at the last minute like auctioning off drilling rights in Alaska in pristine waters.

    Now it has come to light that he wanted to bomb Iranian nuclear locations and drag us into another conflict that President-Elect Biden would have to deal with.

    CNN and other cable networks as saying polls show 70% of Republicans believe the lies he is vomiting daily on his Tweeter (or is it Twitter?) feed or propagated by Fox and other far right media. They believe there was mass fraud and he was robbed of this election.

    His followers are IDIOTS just like him!!!

    1. Meant to say:

      CNN and other cable networks ARE saying that polls show 70% of Republicans...

  10. Hi MsBelinda,

    I refuse to beleive that 70% of the Repiblicans believe his shit is true or he would have won and he didn't! Then that MORON lawyer Gilligan (and yes I do mean Gilligan) lol of his the wanna be mafia man is calling Dems thiefs OMG! We have been paying salaries for orange turds kids to do nothing! and spending our tax dollars on all kinds of self pocket filling. He has to make the best of it as his pockets are empty and so they are all stealing from the citizens to refill them.

  11. I am so fed up with both political parties I joined the Socialist party yesterday. I consider myself a Social Democrat (same as Bernie) so I don't care what anyone things. I am so disgusted with both the Dems and Repubs that I am never going to vote their candidates. Before the election I followed the stories of a lot of republicans who were part of the Lincoln Project, and rejected DT. There is just no where else to go - the Dems can't get on the same page about anything. I hope Biden does well though he's part of the corporate dems.

  12. Hi Gypsy,

    I'm with you I'm also fed up. The fool needs to be arrested for something there are so many things he has done illegally since he came into office and plenty before and is still at. At least now he is being shut down on anymore crap about illegal voting, even by judges he gave jobs to.