Thursday, January 7, 2021

What In The World!

 I was floored by the horror yesterday as the monster unleashed his animals on the Capital. Everyone knows it was the Morons doing. He made the speech imploring then to go to the Capital to fight. They cannot allow him to stay in the White House to finish out his term. Even his last twitter (using someone else account) is still crying about how he won and it was rigged. This will further get his thugs worked up to make more trouble. NOW they are realizing that he is a sick and crazy person and can not be trusted anymore. BUT JUST NOW? And still some of these senators still want to say the votes were fixed. These very sentors need to be ousted also. mark mullen saying even the Demograts protested, yes they did for justice, but don't say they were just as bad as the MORONS MOBS, throwing bottles, hitting people with clubs, shooting and running into crowds with cars and killing people. REALLY mULLEN! You should rot in hell for your part in this terrorist act yesterday.

This has been nothing short of  TREASON AND A TERRORIST ACT BY THE MORON! Which should be a life sentence for his actions against OUR COUNTRY, NOT HIS ALONE.

I read comments today on FB by people who said they were ashamed of this Country! This is so wrong, never be ashamed of our Country we need to UNITE  and help bring it back to what we once were before this slime ball got into office. What I am ashamed of is that 2 repubilicans from the State of AZ, had the nerve to call our State a voter miss count after it was recounted twice you both can also rot in hell and I hope your political days are numbered. And I'm not condeming all Repulicans some are really decent people and do their job with honesty. For that I thank them. And not all Democrats are good people. 

 If ever there was a bad election it was when he was given the seat under lies and Russian interference. That was an election full of scams.

Like everyone else has asked, WHY was there not enough armed forces at the Capitol? Everyone knew there was going to be big trouble even the Citizens of this country with an ounce of intelligence knew something bad was going to happen. OH NOW they are going to investigate. Police taking pictures with the enemy. WTH!

I hope by tomorrow morning I will read that they have removed that TERRORIST FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!

Good Night All


  1. I, like most Americans and not just Americans but people from all over the world watched in horror at what was happening in our people's house.

    The sore loser was the main instigator but he had help from the likes of Josh Hawley (R) from Missouri and Ted Cruz (R) from Texas who know better...they went to the best schools and are Yale Law School graduates. They are both auditioning for their 2024 run for President. Their ambition is greater than their love for their country and we should not forget their names...I hope their careers are tarnished and they both go to hell.

    Pence lost his backbone again so I do not think he is going to invoke the 25th Amendment and impeachment will take too long and the votes are not there. We are stuck with the idiot for another 12 days.

  2. I was horrified and so very very sad at the destruction of our capitol building. And him and his brain washed servants encouraging the thugs and monsters. Then when he does say go gome he tells them how much he loves them. He's insane. But I agree with Ms Belinda- we are stuck with him for 12 more days. But I'm afraid he'll just keep riling up the thugs for the next four years.

  3. I happened to be watching a live stream when it all went down. At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As the day went on and the facts unfolded it became even more horrifying.

  4. Hi Ms.Belinda,

    It was a sad day for America! These losers will pay in the end for backing this lunatic. Like you said their ambition IS greater than their love for out Country. The same goes for the Rep. paul gosar sent him my thoughts this morning and ted c

    ruz, joshy boy is next and so is Pence on my list that once again he has shamed himself by NOT following throught to get the trash bag MORON OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. Maybe that demented fool has threated his family well that's what you get for kissing his ass for the past 4yrs.

    Hi Sandie,

    This is such a horrible act by and insane leader and yes all his brain washed servants. That MORON has been nuts for years and now everyone wants to say oh he's mentaly ill really! And the senitors who backed this lunatic need to pay for this also they are just as responsible. He will not stop creating hatred until he dies because that's what he does HATE!

  5. We need true leadership. I am disgusted at both sides. It's all about POWER. Will term limits help? I don't know. What I do know is at one time the two parties could work together for the country's betterment. No longer. At this point, who do any of us trust?

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes who do we trust. But this was just to much. To keep up the hate speeches to continue to keep these crazy people wound up is not the markings of a sane person or one who only cares about himself. Politicians nolonger give a darn about our country only their greed to fill their own pockets. Its a sad sad thing

  7. I agree Jo, I have been denouncing him since he took office 4 years ago, He hated Hillary when she won a Senate Seat in NY when I lived there she would be making sure his corrupt behavior was halted in that city...people don't realize he has spent his entire life Milking the he wants to control the system he is milking, I hope they exile him, or at the least make it so he can never run again, he says he will be back in 4 yrs we must not let that happen. I am writing to even if only twitter or phoning all the ones who voted YEA on that motion.

  8. Hi Sondra,

    I did all that yesterday. One of those fools sent me a thank you for contacting him, smug jerk. Pence went back to his rabbit hole and will not go for the 25th sorry little ass kisser. But if they impeach him it will be the second time and he will not be able to run again I believe thats what I heard. All the money his backers are sending is going towards a remodel on his home in FL. This crap isn't costing him a dime, we the tax payers are paying for him to be able to pull all this crap!

    1. I recently heard that Pence has received many death threats, against him as well as members of his family. I have never liked or respected Pence, but going for someones family is just too far.

    2. Hi Gypsy,

      Yes that is way to much already. He doesn't deserve to have his family threatened. But lets face it MORON gave these rioters the food for it and the permission. I hope he goes to prison over the crap he has pulled over the years.
      I wish Pence's family well and no harm comes to them.

  9. 5 more days of tranny and he is GONE hope I never see his ugly mug again..I sent thanks to the 10 Brave republicans' in the House who voted to Impeach. Im almost thru the whole list of members who did not vote to Impeach...and who contested the AZ election..

  10. Hi Sondra,

    You have been busy. Read quite a bit about the cry baby and even his kids are now distancing themselves. His daughter isn't very happy because her and that dumbell husband of hers may now be out of the politcal running and
    He even cut his lawyers throat and cut him off of pay. Ghouly annie is washed up anyway sure hope he has money socked away somewhere. Hope they are all charged.