Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm Back :(

Sorry I wasn't posting but sitting in the truck to do so was a pain and it could get pretty darn hot in there, maybe if the cord was longer to the charger I could have sat outside the truck but it is what it is.

  The weather was absolutely great. Clear sunny days but kind of chilly at night but I kept warm in my camper. 

Got up early and Fred and I would take short walks and then make me some coffee and enjoy the birds singing  and flitting around. So many hummers everywhere.

Terry left on Wed. and Lucy came up that afternoon we enjoyed the BBQ and the fire later on in the evening. We thought about staying until Friday. Unfortunately about 3 am I woke to the sound of wind. At 4 am it was blowing pretty darn hard. So I got up and started to organize the inside of the camper for what needed to go in the cab. 
As soon as it was light enough I took Fred out and boy was the wind howling. The privacy tent was down but the guy ropes held it from blowing away. I pulled out the stakes and just threw it in the back of the truck and was able to take it apart there and put it in its case. Things really started blowing all over the place and Lucy and I started chasing things down. Poor Lucy had to change a tire on her truck in that mess. 

Anyway that ended our extra day stay.  But that's OK at least I went and had a great time.

Check out this truck and it's tents. These 2 guys are from Switzerland and have been traveling for a year. They started in Chili and made their way here. They are now getting ready to fly home and have the truck shipped back. Under the frame that holds up the tents was lots of storage bins. Now that was an adventure

 I loved the way this tree was growing out of this rock cropping I took lots of pictures from every angle I could


Good Night All


  1. Sounds like your adventure was a good one, at least until the wind showed up.

  2. Lovely, Some grand memories to store for the future. So glad you were able to go!!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time and that's what counts! Safe and tired...good way to get back home!

  4. Glad you had a great time, and the wind held out til the last so you could enjoy the rest of the trip! Do you still like your camera after a few days of using it? I'm still trying to decide which one I'm going to purchase.

  5. Good morning John,

    Yes I had a great trip and I guess the it was just time to come home but at least as a happy camper.

    Hello Karen,

    Yes pictures are always such a good way to go back and remember. I also keep a log I was going to use it to post but couldn't get to it in the camper yet.

    Hi Jim,
    Yes and tired I was and even this morning still kind of tired. But it is going to be a busy day.

    Hi Sondra,

    I like the camera but have much to learn about the workings still. I'll have to download the manual and learn all the neat things it can do.

  6. Wow, that seemed like a fast trip. Glad you and Fred had such a good time. How’d you do driving in the wind? Cabin fever is driving me nuts!

  7. It's too bad the wind spoiled the last part of your trip. Are you planning another one soon?

  8. Sounds like you had a good time until the wind came up. Its good to get away and spend time outdoors.

  9. After I looked at your pictures it finally dawned on me, when we went to Oregon we took exactly 2 pictures. Sigh. I am going to blame it on old age! Only possible excuse I can come up with.

    You did super with the pictures and no one can hold it against you for not sitting in a hot vehicle...or at least they shouldn't. :-)

  10. Loved the tents and that tree. Exposed tree roots always intrigue me.

    Glad the weather was nice -- at least until the wind came! :)

  11. Hi Nancy,

    Yes it was fast but it was great anyway. I was a concerned the wind would be nasty to drive the Hwy but it wasn't bad at all and had no trouble. I know about the cabin fever I had it real bad.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes in about 2 weeks or so heading out to Parker Canyon Lake. I love the $5. fee at these places.

    Hi Teri,

    Yes even a short trip is better than no trip. I had been wanting to go there for quite some time.

    Hello JMD,

    Maybe you will do more on another trip. But I hate to admit this old age thing is not fun.

    Hi Sharon,

    That rig those guys had was amazing. Of course I sure wouldn't want to climb up there.

    Exposed roots and downed trees can have some amazing shapes.