Thursday, February 18, 2021

 Thought I would do a short post. Nothing much going on around here and I think I am thankful for that since there is enough going on in parts of the USA weather wise. We are doing fine and it is are usual winter weather but maybe a bit colder than usual with lots of crazy wind.

People were being warned about this system for about a week before it hit. Why don't people prepare? Some things could not be forseen as the deep freeze that would create frozen pipes causing homes to flood and make life even worse. But not stocking up on food and water is always the first thing you should do. I feel for these poor folks with no heat no electric. People are freezing to death most the old as always. I pray this system passes soon. And of course the self proclaimed big shot Cruz of TX. had the never to fly off to Cancun while his people are hardest hit. What a shit show this man can put on. I think he signed his own fate in politics.

I was to get my first shot tomorrow and I recieved a e-mail saying it has been canceled until next Wed. as we have run out of vaccine due to the bad weather across the country. I understand that but our cry baby governor just doesn't get and I hope he has cut his own throat as well.

Well I have started doing some crafts to pass the time away as watching to much YT and TV started getting to me. I have belonged to a group of crafters, knitters, crocheters and quilters for a few months and figured I could probably do some of the things they do. So ordered stuff from HobbyLobby and had it shipped. I made 3 of these hearts all a little different one went out the door yesterday with my daughter. The piece of wood is suposed to be a stick but since this is the desert its hard to find sticks with out 5,000 stickers. I have found a source so now I have to clean up the sticks. 

I have always loved these strands and I have had one for many years, so today I made my first one. Its about 5' long and I love the way it came out. Its amazing how time flies when keeping your hands busy.

I am on a new medication for my breathing and it is working lots better . I had been talking about this with one of my readers and so I asked my Dr. for a scrip for it. It is very expensive but if I can be more active I will pay the price. Thanks Sondra for reminding me about this medication.

Well before blogger totally a
grivates me I will end this blog.

Please stay safe and warm if at all possible

Good Night All


  1. Really glad to hear from you. Jim was able to get his second shot Wednesday but I was worried about it being cancelled. Hope you get yours without any problems next week.

    Your heart and dragonfly are beautiful. You definitely have found a very creative way to stay busy.

    And a new med that helps you breathe!!! That's fantastic. Worth every penny in my book.

    1. Hi Sandie,

      Good to hear Jim has had his 2nd shot. Did you get yours? I am now scheduled for Wed.24th so we shall see how that goes.

      Makes me feel good that people like my little crafts. I'm really enjoying.

      So happy the new med is working well for me. Yes it us worth every penny!

  2. So happy to hear you have a new med to help with the breathing - it's amazing how much it takes out of you when you have to struggle to breath.

    I kind of use to like (kind of) Cruz but ever since he grew his beard and let his hair grow he has become a different, radical person and that flipped me away from him.

    I have been bring our family tree up to date is what has kept me busy. Have had some painful knee problems due to osteoarthritis and will be getting an injection of a synthetic gel in each knee once insurance approves. This will be my 4th injection in 15 years so have had good luck with this treatment.

    Stay warm, at least Spring is on its way - as I look out at all the snow on the Gilas.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Have been wondering where you were.

      Yes it is really nice to be able to breath again. I was at the point walking from one end of the house was about all I could manage. And keeping inhalers in my pocket for quick action but they really didn't help much anymore.

      I'm hoping his followers are done with him like they were done with the moron. Yes he had every intention of staying in nice sunny warm Cancun while his state was in dierstraights what a dog. Why would he have to escort his family haven't they ever traveled with out him before what a crappy excuse.

      Working on the family tree can take up some time and it is very interesting. My daughter started one but trying to get some family members to give information can be hard. Its like guarding family skeletons in the closet.
      Wishing you good luck with the shots in your knees so you can find some relief.

      You stay warm and safe too.

  3. Glad to read you are finding different ways to occupy your time.
    That Texas fiasco could have been avoided but Cruz is another story.
    Always nice when you can breathe easy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy,

      Texas needs to wake up and get rid of that loser. Those poor people get hit hard lots of deaths and damage.

  4. Well Im very happy you are feeling and doing better...the crafts look lovely...It's important to stay busy for sure. The rain has quit for a while now if the clouds will go we may pull a few nice days out of the hat. Cruz...what a piece of work he is, such a liar too pretending to be "dropping" off his daughters....the news media checked his original plan ticket was thru the whole weekend...SO he planned to be gone, not a thought to the people in his state suffering...I hope they send him packing.

    1. Yes I'm glad you mentioned the meds. I remeber that I stopped taking it because it was twice as much as I just paid for it and I was never told the proper way to use it. Anyway it works and is well worthe the money.
      Thank you glad you like my crafts. It sure has helped me come back to life, I am not one to become depressed but after almost a year of staying home it was getting hard to get out of bed in the morning.
      Cruz is trash just like his buddie the moron. I have seen some interviews with people in Texas and they think its time for change and want him gone.

  5. Cool here too. We had our first shots 3 weeks ago. Go for 2nd March 1. Had expected Boondockers today but they are stuck in Indiana. Another Boondocker couple were due Monday. They charged their reservation to Wednesday.

    For Crafters Lobby Hobby can be a dangerous place to visit.

    1. Happy you are so close to your second shots. We should reach 72 today and tomorrow 82 then Sunday crashing back down to 60's. Hope your Boondockers are able to start moving now and will come stay.

      Yes love Hobby Lobby but shipping is a killer

  6. Good to hear from you and glad your breathing is better. The weather has gone bonkers! I've been hanging out on the east coast (north Florida / south Georgia) and it always seems to be raining. It's so gloomy but it can't freeze here so that's a plus.

    1. Hi Connie,

      Yes easier breathing is so nice. Yes this weather had really pulled some punches and people are cold and suffering. I noticed all the rian but I guess its better that all that nasty snow and ice. Take care

  7. You are a very talented lady, your crafts look beautiful. Glad your new medication is working well for you.

    I volunteered on Beto O'Rourke's senatorial campaign in 2018 even gave up going to Terlingua that year because he was a much better candidate than that piece of caca of Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, he lost but he came very close being that Texas is a red state.

    Stay safe and warm as well.

    1. Hi MsBelinda,

      Just noticed I did not address everyone I replied to. Thas something I don't like about blogger is you can't go back and correct a mistake.
      Thank you for you kind remark on my crafts. It is keeping me going these days.

      I remember you canceling your trip to help out on O'Rourke's campaign. Cruz is a jerk and I doubt he will hold his job after all he has been involved that had nothing to do with the disater of his State in this awful weather just another Rep MORON!

  8. Hi Jo! Those crafts look amazing! I'm like you - it's fun to do some crafting and helps with boredom and stress. That heart is beautiful and the necklace is so cool!

    Like you said, it is easier to stock up. I have a huge amount of frozen and canned food that I regularly rotate and cook up... even including fish, turtle, and pheasants. The young kids I work with cannot cook or fend for themselves.