Sunday, June 13, 2021

Just When You Thought

 Yep just when you thought it was safe to go out the temps climb to 112F. Opening the door to let Fred out is like putting your head in a heated oven. Been just using the cooler but in this heat it just doesn't work very well. My A/C guy is coming tomorrow to install the new coil. I don't know how much sleep I will get tonight since the house is pretty warm and it isn't going to cool down to more than 79F. So its back to being home bound but even worse is having to keep the blinds closed once it hits around 10:30am. So getting up earlier now is the ticket so I can do morning chores outdoors.

Flies have been brutal too. I have been killing them nostop for about 3 days. So happy I have my bug zapper tennis racket, fly swatters are useless.

Had a few Dr. appts. and a dental one. Did a little shopping but not much. Still having groceries delivered. If it is just a few items I will shop for them myself. 

Friday was my daughters birthday and we went out for breakfast with little Miliany. She is very good but very loud lol takes after her daddy my grandson.

My little herb garden is growing but very spindle, I don't think the seeds are put in deep enough but I followed the directions. I tried to mound them up today so shall see what happens.

Other than  that not much else is going on.

Good Night All


  1. We left Arizona to escape the heat but its going to be 100 here in Montana today. Record highs. But it dies cool down into the 50s at night which makes it much more bearable. I just hope the whole summer isn't like this for either of us.

  2. 112! I can't imagine. Getting into the low 90s here. That is hot enough, thank you.

    I got one of those fly catchers where you put in the bait and add water in it. The flies go in, can't get out. I hung in on front porch. Yuk...... getting filled. Supposed to add water when what liquid in there is displaced by dead flies. No thanks, not opening it up. Will buy another trap.

  3. Hi Sandie,

    I read that this is going to be one of the worst summers everwhere lets hope their wrong. Hope your enjoying your trip even with the heat.

    Hi Phyllis,
    It is still so early for these temps so no hopes for a better summer here. Just glad to get my A/C up and running today. Can just imagine the flies I'm going to have today. I should buy those traps maybe it will keep them away from my doors. Thanks for the tip

  4. Hi Jo, hope your ac gets fixed up....We had rain for every single day of June...I hear we will get a 2 day reprieve hope's storming now but at least that cools it down. Hope you get some sleep...

  5. Hi Sondra,
    Thank you and yes its up and running just in the nic of time, starting to get humid and the temps also to high for the cooler to work. Poor Michael, had a long day on this change out.
    We need rain so bad! Huge fires and they are heading right into each other people have been sent to Red Cross shelters as their homes are in danger.

  6. Those temperatures are just too high taking into account that summer has not officially started yet. Wish I had a handyman I trusted like Michael.

    We are also having a problem with flies...they are everywhere! Glad you were able to go out with your daughter and Miliany to celebrate her birthday.

    Sorry to hear about the wildfires. If it wasn't for bloggers like you I would not know about the fires in the different states as they are not being covered in the media.

  7. Hi MsBelinda,

    Michael, is doing a great job with his A/C business. I'm so happy for him and he is so honest. It sure was nice to have it up and running again. Those swamp coolers just can't handle the heat or humidity but other wise they are a great money saver. I will use it once the temps drop to save on power bills. Like you said it isn't even summer yet! Calling for a high of 114 today. Need to get some cooking done this morning so I can just heat it up in the micro.

  8. I was leaving Illinois and heading to the west coast just as the heat wave began. It was darn hot in IL but after entering the depths of Hades I decided to turn back. I'm trying to stick it out with no AC but it's not fun. Hopefully your AC is fixed by now and you're staying cool!

  9. Hi Connie,

    If this is was hell is like I'm going to start being a very good girl lol. I think it would be worth buying one of those little portable chillers but you would need electric hook up. My A/C is up and running or I would be in a motel for sure. Be careful with this heat.